Newbie - to Balenciaga

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  1. Hello Girls

    After a couple of days of lurking I have decided to buy my first Balenciaga bag. I loooove the purse style. what do you recommend as my first Balenciaga.

    Do you think a classic black would be the ideal first bag?

    Thanks:flowers: :cutesy: :cutesy:
  2. I would start with classic black (from what I've seen, the new fall 06 black bags have great leather), however, there are some wonderful colors for fall as well. If you like red bags you might want to begin your collection with a rouge vif bag. So far this color has been very popular and after seeing it in person, I must say it's spectacular!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Valerieb. I just ordered the Black city from Aloharag. :yahoo: Cannot wait to receive it. They do not have the Purse in Black. I was hoping to buy both. Greedy.

    I asked Jumpei to send me pictures of the rouge. Maybe that will be the next Balenciaga I buy.:wlae: :love:
  4. Hello! I just postedmy experience as a balenciaga newb to another poster, so I'll post it here for you as well: :P

    Hello! Actually, when I got my city bag I had never seen the city before. I got into bbags during the winter of 2004/2005, and they were SO hard to get! I live in NY, and bbags were HOT in 2004! Only the most "in" people had them because they were IMPOSSIBLE to even find. I remember seeing them online and in magazines and so I went to the mall to see if I could get a glimpse of one. I went to Neiman Marcus in White Plains and they had 1 clutch in glass, and it was on hold. I didn't see what was so impressive - but it was so small and hard to tell. My boyfriend also HATED them at first, and both of us really couldn't stomach spending 1k plus on a fairly new designer (I was into only LV at the time, and their history was so rich that I could sort of justify their prices, you know?). Spring 2005 I went to Neiman Marcus in Jersey and they had a bordeaux work and I was like WOW. I held it and contemplated buying it, but it was really big on me (I'm 5'1/5'2) and so after a good 30 minutes chatting with the SA and going on the 10+ page list I left. Soon I became OBSESSED with owning one - and from pictures and from the encouragement and advice from a friend who had a few, I decided to actively pursue a city - because the work was too big, and the classic's dimensions were way too small for my everyday crap. I went to Balenciaga in Manhattan and at the time they had a few classics in a dark green color, and a bunch of non-motorcycle styles. I decided to go on a waitlist with them for a black city, still not having seen it. I waited 3 weeks and they still hadn't gotten to me on the list - and I had waited 3 months on different lists. FINALLY I struck gold when my friend, who had bought at least 4 bbags from the same SA in Barneys, spoke to that SA and told her she wanted a black city, and the bag was taken off a waitlist for her and given to me! I ordered 1 day shipping and got it the next day! It was such a THRILL opening the box, having never seen a black city before. I actually took pictures of myself opening the box, step by step lol.

    I decided on black because as you said, it's classic - and it really represents the edge I associate with the motorcycle bag look. I love the purse, but I like the city more. I like the satchel like shape, the slouchy look of it, and the shoulder strap, which I never thought I'd use when I got it, I now love. :love:
  5. Hi and welcome! Black City = GREAT choice! I limited myself to black or brown for my first bag (I chose brown) but black is in my near future. The City is sooooooooooo great and comfortable, it's making me forget all my other bags. ALL I can think about is my next b-bag purchases!
  6. Hi there!

    I purchased my first Balenciaga bag a few weeks ago...I too chose the classic "black" color in the First.

    I LOVE the bag!

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide to do!
  7. Please keep us posted. The black first sounds good!
  8. sek, welcome! :flowers:
    congrats on your first balenciaga! :wlae: a black city is the pefect choice for your first one. a rouge vif purse would be fab for your second. the addiction is starting!:supacool:
  9. Black is a great first color! My first bbag was a black city. I think that is such a great staple bag. You can get colors later.
  10. totally agreeing with everyone else... go for the Black City OR First as your first b-bag... its the best bag to start off with!
  11. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: welcome to the club... I got my first B bag a month ago... a Black City bag... loved it soo much I got "cement" one last week. They are incredible, and addictive. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
  12. thanks for the warm welcome. I am eagerly awaiting my black city from Aloharag. Oh man, I am already getting addicted and I have not received my first bag yet. Thinking of getting the black work as well. I travel frequently and I think it would make for a great travel bag.
  13. Welcome Sekmeht. A black bal. is a great first bag. Congrats and post pics when you get her!
  14. Welcome and congrats on your first Bbag! You chose well. The black City will be a staple in your wardrobe.
  15. welcome!
    a black city is definitely a great choice for your first b-bag. i love black b-bags!