Newbie to Balenciaga

  1. Hi Guys! I'm new to Balenciaga and i was wondering what makes this brand so unique and prestigous (other than the label).

    I amlooking for a tote bag for mens, preferably with a soft and supple leather and very casual yet practical!! Thanx so much!
  2. Hi Gordon

    Welcome to Bbag forum.

    Someones just recently posted a similar thread which might help on why Balenciaga.

    There are also a couple of threads from male TPFers if you search this bforum, which might help. Particularly one recently from Incoralblue, and his new purchase.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards F&G
  3. Thanks F&G!

    I would definitely recommend the Work or Weekender (even the new Brief).
  4. Same here...i would prefer either work or weekender as well....once u have make a decision, don't forget to post ur new bag here!!
  5. Balenciaga bags are as light as air with amazing leather and come in amazing colours that are never duplicated (other than black and white). :yahoo:

    I agree with the others...a Work or a Weekender would be fab options:yes:
  6. Welcome here,
    I warn U ones a B-Bag always a B-Bag.
    Know what your doing, they are the greatest designerbags that i ever have seen.
    I love man different style.

    Here are the most of my pics, new are the greige work at the avator and the multizipper suede hobo 2002.

    Welcome to the new addict FX:heart:
  7. hi! i'm also a newbie to balenciaga. i was wondering what are the sizes of ur work bags. are they the WORK or GIANT WORK (13"h x 18"w x 5"d; no strap)?

    i'm so torn now because i was set on buying my first LV but now i'm thinking i'm gonna get myself my first balenciaga. i've always wanted one but i wasn't sure what style to go for (i'm not a fan of briefcase- or messengar-sytle bags). since i'm a guy, i wasn't sure what styles would work.

    love ur collection!