Newbie STILL freaking! :)

  1. Long post alert:shame:
    So after my first B-bag purchase ('05 Bordeaux city) I posted this thread ( and you were all SOOO nice & made me feel better- can I ask for help again?
    I received it and you were all so is GORGEOUS! However, I had been going back and forth between a bordeaux/grenat OR blueberry city...and as lovely as this is I am still obsessing about blueberry! Probably didn't help to read someone else's post on the same subject (most voted for blue). Am I crazy? I love the blue color more, but would get much more wear out of the Bordeaux...should I live with it for a while? keep it & buy a lesser blue bag? Or just relist on ebay? (have never sold before). To further complicate matters, I don't even think anyone has blueberry cities in stock? Why am I so indecisive? :confused1: Probably b/c this was a big purchase for me, and will likely be my only B-bag! Thanks for letting me babble:flowers:
  2. yeah, I thought I would just get ONE bbag also... didn't quite work out that way!!! :nuts:

    I am going to be no help at all, because I will tell you to buy both!!
  3. Long reply alert (and I don't even OWN a bbag yet!):

    I am one step behind you, but can relate. I DON't own a bbag yet, but hope to relatively soon. I'm also like you in that the one I get will probably be the only one I have for quite some time. Since everything right now for me is in the "hypothetical" stage, I'm just fantasizing about bbags, but when I start thinking about what I actually want to wind up with, I go back and forth about color - do I get the one I'm dying for/that "pops", but doesn't match a whole lot (for example, I have a feeling I'll love the vert d'eau), or the one that maybe I'm not as head over heels about, but will go with more things and possibly stay in fashion longer (like a truffle or other more neutral color). In my experiences with much even less expenseive purchases, I've found that when I don't go with what I really loved, I always wind up having to takl myself into the thing I did get and I'm never truly happy. If you're really in love with the Blueberry, I say go for it (and I'm sure someone here would be happy to help you find it)! Besides, I think blueberry is very versatile.

    I hope this helps and dosn't complicate your decision!
  4. Given the fact that you're unsure, it might be safer to get the blueberry so you can compare the 2 in person. Then you can either sell the Bordeaux or return the blueberry. If you sell the bordeaux first before getting the blueberry, you might end up regreting it if blueberry turns out differently than what you expect.
  5. I will say keep the bordeaux, because it's a discontinued color and harder to find than blueberry. Maybe, if your budget at all allows, get the blueberry also, and see which one you use more - though I have to warn you, you may want to keep both.
    These handbags are so addictive - I agonized over the first purchase, then learned a lot more about Balenciaga, and now own 4 bags and still lust after more... so buyer beware ;)
  6. I'm with queenv.

    I thought only 1 as well and now I have 4 and looking to buy another.

    Trust me you will regret selling it. I had a pewter and wish I would have kept it.

    Give the one you have a few weeks to see how much you like her. Wanting another color is what happens to us all, that is why no one has just one Bbag:lol:
  7. welcome to the madness of balenciaga! that is why we can't own just one... or two... or three... betnyp, don't feel bad. we are all indecisive and fickle. there's always going to be that one bag that will finish the "collection" or that "holy grail bag". bordeaux is a great color and it was my first balenciaga as well... i had to be on a long waiting list for it though. i think, you should get the blueberry because you'll always be wondering... and if you can't keep both just sell the one you can live without. good luck on your decision.
  8. I am in the same boat do not own a Balenciaga yet mostly because I am to scared to get one, I think if I get one I am going to want more (already picked out 5 colours). I am a Fendi freak and came over to this site to have a look at the Balenciaga bags now really hooked. The blueberry is such a lovely colour and goes so well with jeans or black. You must buy the bag you really really love otherwise you will be thinking if only...........
  9. Thanks for the advice! Still haven't decided what to do, but truly appreciate the support (and empathy- it helps knowing I'm not too crazy... or at least not the only one)!;)