Newbie - so many questions!


Jan 28, 2008
Okay girls (and guys, too). I usually reside in LV subforum, but keep on lurking in here. I want the bag sooo bad! I’ve decided I am gonna get one no matter what :drool:. Now I have few questions, so if anyone could help I’d be really grateful. It seems like everyone is buying old or used bag (like from 2005). What’s the difference between current ones and the one from let’s say 2005? I really don’t understand it, and it seems the brand new one is cheaper than the ones you get off ebay?
Also, what the price for the First and the City (in boutique)? And can you buy online? I am currently residing in a country with no Balenciaga boutique nearby, but I can ask my boyfriend to order in the US, but I’ve not seen a website that sells Balenciagas online...

Sorry for so many stupid questions, but honestly I know nothing about Balenciaga bags.