Newbie ... so help me prepare

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  1. I've spent all day reading and looking at pictures but tell me please.....

    What are the ESSENTIALS that I must have to keep my B-Bag in good shape. I want to be sure I have what I need to care for a B-bag properly. :yes:

  2. Voodoo!! I'm a bbag newbie too so don't have lots of advice but I have read that scentless lubriderm is great for restoring faded color, evening tone on older bags and moisturizing leather. I'm still learning though so I haven't purchased any or used it on my bag. The leather is surprisingly easy to care for though and actually stronger than what it appears! I was scared of carrying my bag for a day or two but quickly got over it! I am careful not to carry it by the handles too often. I either put it on the crook of my arm or use the shoulder strap.

    Anyway, that's just some newbie observations from me! I've learned so much from just searching for anything and everything I can think of!
  3. Hey, TL!!! I saw that about the Lubriderm!!! Very I'll definately being buying some. I want to get some of LMB's products, too, I think. I just want to know what others prefer to use.

  4. i'm a newb too and i've been reading all the care and maintenance threads and i'm still as confused as ever! i want to know what the essential basics are.

    -..everything else?
  5. Again, remember that I'm a newbie... I don't know that all leathers need to be moisturized. My bag for example is softening with use which is cool because I've only had it for a couple of weeks! I can't see that it needs moisturized. I also read that if you like veiny leather then watch out for moisturizing because it can take out that look. I took my bag out in snow and not a mark was on it! I was too scared to take my Coach bags out in snow but this one, I didn't worry about.

    I think the best thing to do for your bag is baby the handles by not using them in your hand a lot. Especially light colored bags. My bag is Sienna so it's not as fussy as a lighter color bag but I do have a lighter bag coming soon and will be very careful with the handles. It's definitely more sturdy leather than what you'd think! Which is why once you buy one, you are sure to want more! LOL! I'd keep reading, reading, reading too!
  6. i don't think all bags need moisturizing. they only need it if your leather is dry and you wanna take out the veiny look. and looking at some before and after pics it evens out the color a bit as well. but if you like the veiny-ness then it's unnecessary. but don't take MY word for it either.

    i'm curious about the moisturizing because i just purchased an 08 Magenta Work and from what i've seen and read the leather on the magenta is a bit drier and veinyer than some other colors and i'm looking to get rid of that.