Newbie sellers worse then newbie buyers!

  1. So my newest situation is this>>>won an auction this past Friday. Relatively new seller but with good feedback as both buyer and seller. I had been looking to replace my Prada flip flops forever and I finally found them. So, I read the listing carefully and see there is no payment due time so I assume I have at the minimum 5 days to pay. I usually pay immediately but I am waiting for an echeck clearance which is due today from paypal so I don't have to put something else on my chargecard. Guess what? I get a nasty not from the seller saying that if I don't pay she will relist and negative me??? I, of course, emailed her back and explained eBay policy and told her if she wanted payment within 3 days she should have put it in her listing and to please advise if she would like to finalize this transaction and contact me in a more civil tone. I also pointed out that I have much more and perfect feedback than she does and that I am an experienced buyer and seller. No return word yet but boy, am I annoyed.
  2. Newbie sellers certainly can be worse than newbie buyers! One time I won an item from 2 feedback seller and paid right away with Paypal. MY payment was un claimed by this sellers for almost one week, I wrote everyday for her/him to please claim my payment and never got any response. I guess she/needed to upgrade her/his personal account with Paypal in order to accept credit card payment. It was fine at the end, but still not any word about what's happen.
  3. Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I paid via PP and it was never claimed. I can't even remember how many emails I sent her and she never responded. I finally canceled my payment.
  4. yes, I get really annoyed when sellers assume the worst of you if you don't pay immediately, one seller got annoyed with me when I didn't respond instantaneously to her emails, but hey! I'm half way across the globe! I'm sleeping when she's logged on!
  5. She can't relist yet anyway, so don't worry about it. She should have familiarized herself more with eBay policies before listing! I hope it all works out for you.
  6. When I sell something and a few days have passed without payment I usually email the buyer and send a very polite, gentle reminder saying that the listing states all payments due 5 days after auction ends and then I give them that date based on the ending time. This usually does the trick and I get paid or, at the very least, the buyer contacts me and asks if they can pay on a particular day. A gentle reminder from the seller in question would have gone over much better than her rude and threatening email...again, her inexperience shows. I don't even want the shoes now. I still have not heard back from her by the way.
  7. I was looking at an auction last night.

    And in the terms, it said "If you dont pay within 24hrs, I will cancel your bid, relist it and neg feedback you." :wtf:

    How can she even put that, when eBay says a buyer as 7 DAYS TO PAY!! :rolleyes:
  8. If I saw an auction like that I might be scared off. On the other hand, if she has been around a while she may have been burned and is at her wit's end. The new auction I referred to had absolutely nothing about payment and I checked and re-checked after she emailed me.
  9. Maybe her silence means she's embarrassed at her trigger happy approach? It will be interesting to hear what response you receive - do let us know!
  10. Finally got a very apologetic response and she offered to let me out of the transaction. You are absolutely correct...she was embarrassed and knew that my response was correct. I have decided to proceed and I paid her last night. The item in question are Prada flip flops and I have been looking to resplace mine without spending a fortune for quite some time. I think the point of all this is...if you know the rules and play by them and know your merchandise and are a polite buyer and seller you can usually do well on ebay...there are, of course, many, many exceptions to this rule. Thanks for the input ladies...I will update when I recieve the item.
  11. ^^ Glad you didn't lose out on your item and hopefully she has learned a lesson in both Ebaying and the risk of sending thoughtless emails impulsively. Here's hoping all is smooth with the transaction from now onwards.
  12. THanks...I hope the item is perfect too...
  13. Well, the Newbie Seller should read the Ebay fine print. Regardless of what she states in her auction, a buyer has 7 days to pay.

    (Ooops. Another member already mentioned this!)
  14. I personally dont buy from new ebay sellers, nor do I allow new buyers to bid on my items. Never have, never will.
  15. Kalodie, you had every right to be annoyed, and it looks like she got caught in her stupid ignorance. I have payment terms ALL OVER my auctions for just that reason - you can't be leaving buyers to guess when they have to pay! Hope the Prada flips were worth it, and that you're pleased in the end!