Newbie seller is making me crazy!

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  1. Oh ebay.. why can't I quit you??

    Ebay and I have a love hate relationship, and no matter how much it's caused me to pull my hair out I keep coming back for more... Last weekend I won a kate spade diaper bag/backpack. I had decided I absolutely needed a red diaper bag to go with a new stroller cover I just bought (humor me!) and the only one that was available below retail was from a newbie seller (zero feedback and just signed up a few days before). From the pictures in the auction I concluded that it was authentic, and besides.. it's a style that isn't popular enough to fake and I figured if I paid via CC I could always do a charge back. All sellers have to start somewhere, right? So I gave a newbie a chance.

    The auction ended on the 28th and I paid via the "pay now" link on the auction on the 29th. I don't get any communication from the seller, which isn't strange. Most of the time the package just shows up. Well, a few days later (4/1) I notice on my ebay summary my payment was still showing up as "pending." I send her a short but polite email letting her know I'm starting to wonder where my bag is. This is what I got back from her:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]"Please pay for this item or I will have to report you as a nonpaying buyer within the next three business days."


    Seriously, how slow can you be?? I sent her a reply explaining that she may need to hit the "accept payment" button in paypal since I funded the payment with a credit card, or perhaps she didn't have the correct email address on file with paypal. I still haven't heard anything from her and my payment is STILL pending. I can't file a dispute with ebay till the 6th, but what would you do?
  2. Can you stop payment on your credit card or if not, I would call paypal and talk to a live person (if you can ever get one). These people whether they are sellers or buyers that can't take the time to respond to emails just drive me crazy. Most of the time, things can be worked out with communication - why is it so hard?
  3. Your seller is probably figuring out how PayPal works. Since she never sold before she might think that cash will land into her hands somehow. Did you receive PayPal e-mail about your payment? Can you forward it to her?
  4. ^^ I did just that yesterday morning hoping it would prompt a response, but nothing so far. :shrugs: Plus I sent her a step by step email on how to retrieve the money from paypal, or at least confirm that it's there. The total with shipping was $73, so I'm not sweating over it and I know I'll win any sort of dispute against her... it just irks me. How can someone be so out of it? If she's logged in on ebay and visits the auction page (which she would have HAD to do to message me in the first place) it says right at the top:

    Your Mar-29-08 payment is being processed through PayPal.
  5. Oh never know what other person is thinking... I imagine working in customer service, so many idiots around and each one wants something from you :Push:
  6. i would call her or at least send ebey a message maybe they can call her maybe she is very slow ? :confused1: annoying when people are that simple
  7. I have no advice but I wish you good luck!
  8. If you're a newbie, wouldn't you take more time to read, check and double-check to ensure that your first sale is successful? This seller is so not doing this at all.
  9. *****UPDATE*****

    Well, she finally responded today with an "I've been in the hospital" email and said the bag was sent this morning. In her listing she did say she was pregnant, so I don't want to assume she's lying.. but we'll see. And then I'll be caught in a 'what kind of feedback to leave' situation.
  10. Best of luck! Watch out for pregnant ladies (no offense to anyone here!), I'm sure you know what I mean! :P

    I think she's one of those people that are oblivious to the world around them. She seems very egocentric.
  11. Hi! I'm new here on tPF and have never bought or sold anything on ebay. But that's one of the reason I'm here, to learn. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Sweden :smile:
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