Newbie seller here...need advice

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  1. I am pretty new to selling on Ebay and need advice on a couple things:

    1) The buyer of one bag I sold claims that my pictures did not truly represent the color of the bag and that there are some scuffs that I did not disclose. I honestly did not notice any marks on the bag before I shipped it and I photographed the bag in natural light and believed it was an accurate representation (you know how difficult it is to capture the color of a bag in photographs). She is not asking for a refund but I feel I do need to respond. Any advice here?

    2) For another bag that did not sell, I was contacted after the auction ended with an offer for the bag. I would like to accept the offer but don't know how to complete the transaction. I'd like to do it via Ebay but how? What if I list it as a BIN and the potential buyer doesn't bid? I guess I am just out the fees?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi there! For situation #1, I'm not sure what the buyer is trying to accomplish with her email. Maybe she's looking for a partial refund? I would email her back and just nicely explain that you did your best to accurately capture the color of the bag and that you honestly didn't notice any scuffs when you shipped. You can either leave it at that or you can offer to refund her money & mutually withdraw from the transaction. Alternatively, you could offer her a partial refund in an amount that you feel comfortable with.

    For issue 2, I'm not really sure. If you do list with a BIN and the bag doesn't sell, then yes, you're out the $$. You could try listing on Bonanzle and direct the potential buyer to the Bonanzle site for purchase. If she doesn't buy it, you can delete it from your booth and you won't be charged any fees. Maybe other members can give you better advice on this one.

    Good luck & happy selling!
  3. ^^Thanks so much choo_girl!
  4. No problem :smile: Keep us posted!