Newbie seller has an embarrassing question

  1. I just listed my first items on eBay today. I've bought for years, which is what makes this question kind of embarrassing. How soon after you list an item do you expect to have watchers/bidders. Pretty much, when should I get nervous?
  2. Its ok..I'm new to eBay today. I just listed 2 items and it took a few days before i had any watchers. I think it really depends on how hot is the item that your selling. If its not popular then there wont be much watchers or potential buyers. Hope that helps.
  3. It just depends on how "hot" the item you have is. Sometimes I don't even have any action on my listings until the day they end.
    Of course, watchers don't always mean buyers...I had/have this one book up that had 3 watchers, ended with no bids, I relisted, now there's only 1 watcher.
  4. It takes some time for listings to show up in searches once posted, so for that reason you may not see watchers for up to a whole day. It's hit or miss; I just sold a pair of earrings that had no watchers and all of a sudden on the last day of the auction someone bid. Depends on what you're selling really!

    I have had auctions end with over 20 watchers and no bidders - now THAT is frustrating!!
  5. It is a total crap shoot, IMO. Sometimes no watchers and a last minute bidding war. Sometimes lots of watchers and no bids at all. I've sold quite a bit over the years, and I still can't figure it out:wacko:. Don't stress, just try to have fun with it.
  6. well in MY experience, u'll get one bid or more out of 15 watchers. this theory worked for my coin collection and my bags. i normally wouldnt expect an item to be sold if i only had 1 or 2 watchers. but somehow, one of my rings got sold after being re-listed n i only had 1 watcher through the whole way.
  7. You just never know, I have listed this one shirt over and over, never got a bid. I relisted it tonight and got a bid on it within 10 mins! Go figure!
  8. I've had similar experiences. On my dresses, I usually get around 70 watchers (sounds like a lot, but if you apply the 15 to 1 rule, it's only around 4 serious bidders!), with slow movements throughout the week and a sniping war at the end.

    Oh, and gotracey's advice is also pretty much on the money!:tup:
  9. Also I find that many more people start watching stuff over the weekend.
  10. Thanks all! I'm going to try not to check obsessively (except for questions, of course) and just wait until the end. Everything I listed I'm pretty much willing to get rid of at the starting bid, so I'm not worried about bidding reaching a certain level.
  11. I don't even look at how many watchers on my listings anymore since it doesn't mean anything. I learned to be relax. If the items I am listing are in good condition and have reasonable price, they will be sold eventually, maybe 5 times or more relisted.