Newbie seeking advice on LV wallets

  1. Dear all,

    I am a newbie seeking to buy my first LV wallet...I really like the epi range but would love to hear your suggestions/ experiences for all ranges in general - what works, what doesn't, your faves etc.

    Thanks very much in advance!! :smile::smile:
  2. The white epi is so pretty. I used an Epi wallet before. It was a French Purse. It's very classy. The coin purse is easy to get in and out. Very practical, indeed.

    Now, I'm using a vernis Koala wallet. I like that it has a transparent ID window, but the coin purse is quite small and a bit difficult to get in and out. I like the shine of the vernis line, but I don't like the fact that colour migration can easily happen to anything vernis.

    Good luck finding a perfect wallet!