newbie scarf question

  1. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the world of Hermes, but quickly falling madly in lust and spending way too much time reading this board and admiring all of your collections! I want to start small and purchase a scarf, but I'm not quite in love with any of the current ones. How often does Hermes introduce new designs and update the Web site accordingly?

    I appreciate your help! Please let me know if this belongs somewhere else.
  2. Welcome Lacherig - there are new designs each season and the website is updated periodically but you're much better off going to a boutique to have a look - far more choice and much more fun. The staff there are usually knowledgable and will help you to chose a design and show you some ways to wear your scarf. Have fun!
  3. Welcome Lacherig!! ITA with everything Handybags said, will only add that the french and british H sites sometimes have different stock from us.... fun to look at!
  4. I wish I could! Unfortunately, there isn't a boutique near me. The closest is a couple hours away in Chicago. Which is doable, but I don't make my way there often enough. Maybe now I have a reason. ;)
  5. Do you have a Neiman Marcus near you? They have a Hermes scarf counter.
    And there is always eBay
  6. Scarves nominally come out twice a year - spring and fall - but expect the usual inventory increase soon - in time for Xmas