Newbie saying hello! MJ MP question...

  1. What a wonderful board! I love viewing all of your pictures.

    I think I might have missed the boat with MJ. I'm really not loving the golden hardware that he has been showing. Ideally, I would love to find a large MP with the nickel h/w. I currently have bags in lavender, teal, and spearmint, and would kill for a pink large MP.

    Did I miss the boat?

    I saw the post below showing MJ's spring collection! Cannot wait to see the lavender in person as I would love to get this in the zip clutch. Unfortunately, I bet it has the gold h/w.
  2. ^ Welcome to tPF.
    I checked for some members here recently, large MPs (in pink color family) with nickel hardware are still available at MJ boutiques (full price). If you are hoping to get one on sale, check out threads on members' reports from various outlets (Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th, NM Last Call, ...).

    Yes, S/S 2007's Lavendar Zip Clutch has gold hardware.
  3. TY! When I called the Boston MJ boutique, they told me that the pink MPs were long gone. They suggested I call the Bal Harbour, FL store as they showed one in stock, and that boutique also told me that they were long gone. Hmmm. I'll def. take your advice and surf the board for various outlets.
  4. Welcome to the board and good luck finding your pink mp!! I will keep my eyes open for one at the off Saks and NM last call for you.
  5. If you are interested in buying from MJ boutiques, PM me for the contact info of my SAs; they can locate past season bags for you. =)
  6. You are all so wonderful! Thank you.
  7. Welcome to the community!! it's a great place and people are really helpful!

    i'm sure you'll find your bag soon enough with all the help and info here!!
  8. Good luck finding your bag, hopefully one of the girls here will spot one for you!
  9. Hi there! :choochoo:

    Will keep eyes peeled for you :ninja:

    :sneaky: Be extra wary of knock-off pink MJs's a popular color with counterfitters, and web stores are lousy with them!
  10. Sick4Marc, you're so right. I bought a Blake from a well-known EBayer who has fabulous 100% feedback only to get one with both Riri and Lampo zippers. Never, ever again!