Newbie questions

  1. Please excuse my ignorance. I am pretty new to high end purses in general and extremely new to Balenciaga, but after lurking here and seeing all your gorgeous bags, I am finding myself obsessed! Your bags have hynotized me - they're sooo beautiful! Must . . . own . . . bbag!

    Well, I can't buy anything for a while, so I decided that since next year I have both a 35th bday and 10 year anniversary, I could parlay one/both of those occasions to a "real" designer bag as a gift. But everytime I start to research, I get overwhelmed. I think I'm interested in a City, as it seems to be a good functional size. I've searched this forum, I've gone on atletier (so sorry - I know that's spelled horribly wrong!), etc. and I've tried to google info, but I can't find somewhere where I can get a general idea of how much things cost (and I'd like to do some research first before I hit my husband (and possibly other family members) with how much this is going to be, and before I venture into the one store in the Philly area that carries them). So my first question is how much am I looking at? I know we're talking around the $1000 mark, but how much above or below? Would you start with an '06/'07 or try for an older one on Ebay? Any suggestions for a "first timer" would be greatly appreciated - as I said, it's going to be quite a while before this happens, I'm just obsessing and figured rather than obsess in jest, I'd obsess more productively! LOL!

  2. Hello and welcome:heart: !
    And welcome also to your new obsession, he he he...
    First of all- the City costs $1195 plus taxes unless you order from Aloha Rag in which case there's free shipping and no tax. AtelierNaff should have prices listed by the various styles here atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
    As for buying on Ebay- well, I'm sure you've seen the myriad of posts cursing the scores of fakes on the site. B-bags do hold their resale value VERY well so unfortunately the flip side is an increase in shadesters trying to profit illegally. If you are looking for a discontinued colour, usually Ebay is your only chance- and you can always post in the Authenticate This thread at the top of the page:smile:
  3. stylefly - thanks so much for the tips. I have been looking on atelier, but the prices on there (at least the last time I looked) seemed to have been last updated as of 2005, but I will have to check again. If I go the ebay route, I wouldn't even CONSIDER doing it without relying on you ladies in the "authenticate this!" thread. Thanks again!
  4. For a first and especially since you have one in the areanI would buy in a shop, that's what I did. It's just so much more special, also for your friends and hubby it might be nicer .
    Good luck...these bags are truly addictive.