Newbie questions....

  1. Sorry i'm a Newbie to B-bags...

    Do you find you dont carry enough stuff for a city and you're always digging ?

    I am interested in purchasing one of these B-bags, i just love them. I'm just not sure about size. Although i carry a speedy 30 and love it :smile: I can fill a speedy 25 with no problem, more so on weekends when i have to carry s/o stuff too.

    So i went out and purchased this bag from Aldo, its only 40$ so no big deal. Its the same size (i beleive) as the city. But eveything is just all over and i feel like i'm digging for things. Do this mean i need to down size ?
    [​IMG] this is my cheapo bag.

    I have started saving pic's from the forum of the bags i like and what you can stuff into them.. I'm hoping this will help when i'm able to purchase ( if i have to resort to e-bay)

    I like the size of the pink bag here
    along with these ones ( love the color)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Are they the same style bag ?

    Any suggestion for a newbie that cant get to a store. I dont know if Yorkdale (holts) carries these bags.
  2. i believe all of those bags in the photos you like are firsts/classiques. and those are a size under the city size.
  3. the pink in the first pic and the magenta in the second are both classique/firsts. The sky blue in the third is a city.

    if your aldo bag is too big then maybe you should try out the classique, a lot of girls find its a usable size. If you are used to bigger bags, I'd recommend the city though... its becomes quite comfortable quickly ;)

    good luck! what color are you thinking of getting?
  4. Well i like that i can put this aldo bag on my shoulder ( of course without a coat)
    second i like the idea that i wont have to worry about weather with this bag,

    As for color i'm not sure... I love the black, we can all use a basic black bag in our collection.
    I LOVE the ink
    and i like the pink and magenta, maybe red

    and i like this one as well

    I wish i could have all of them :smile:
  5. ^thats a city ;) (pistachio)

    hmm... over your shoulder, well the city and first both fit over my shoulder, but not comfortably for a long period of time... I usually carry by the handles or use the shoulder strap.

    let me introduce you to a wealth of information:
  6. I think that getting a black city is a great way to start, unless you are really a color person.
  7. ^^I agree. Everyone's first b-bag should be a black one. :heart:

    I have a black city that I love.
  8. If you find that your things are swimming around in the Aldo bag pictured(looks like the same size as City), I would recommend a Classique/First. It has a shoulder strap so you can wear it comfortably on your shoulder(that's how I wear my First). It fits a lot of things, too--wallet, glasses, keys, cell phone, small m/u pouch...
  9. yeppers, i agree w/Pupster, maybe the first is best for you!!!

    p.s. below is a picture of my bordeaux first :smile:
    BORDEAUX BAG 4.jpg
  10. If you are just having trouble FINDING your things due to the size of the bag, I recommend a Purseket ( I use one in all of my bags (I can even fit my medium in my First) and it makes it SO much easier to find things fast and keeps the bottom of the bag free for wallet, sunglasses and a makeup pouch.
  11. oh, yes, ET, that's a great idea, i've gotta get one too!!!
  12. thank you for the link i'll check it out.
    Also along with you, it will go over my shoulder but its not there for long periods. I have a shoulder strap for this bag but dont care for it being on there :rolleyes:
  13. I love color, i'm trying to introduce more color into my closet as far as clothes. I totally enjoy carrying my White mc speedy :smile:
  14. Wonderful thanks for that info.
    I just Pm'd Irene and she mentioned that holts has b-bags when she was there last. So i'll have to make a trip and see these bags irl and decide.