Newbie questions :)

  1. Well, i've been browsing these forums for a while, but havent really said anything :p
    But, i have a couple of questions now :smile:
    I was considering buying my sister a kelly pochette/lounge, for her birthday, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the price is roughly (in a non-exotic leather)
    Annnnd, seeing as I got a promotion, i wanted to buy myself something luxurious, and I was wondering if anyone has a mens Hermes reference guide. (or maybe your opinion on a birkin HAC)
    Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi Vivek, first of all let me say that you are a very thoughtful brother, your sister is going to be so happy! The kp in havanne evercalf PH that I saw in Bali in August was USD2995, in the US I think it is just slightly more, you can check out the thread the LDM mentioned for a comprehensive lesson which will leave you wanting one!
    As your query about the birkin HAC, I think it would be a fabulous bag for you. Let me refer you to Hermes Only's recent acquisition in graphite. What a perfect bag for a man too! :girlsigh:
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  3. Vivek, what a great bro you're. :tup:

    Pls go thru that Kelly Pochette thread Lune de Miel pointed out. There're lotsa great info and pix abt the clutches.

    Also, regarding Men's collection, you may want to read this thread -->

    I think a HAC will look great on you.
  4. About the HAC, what size do you guys reccomend, as im only 5 11, or are there any other types of Bags that you reccomend for guys, and about the Kelly Pochette/Lounge, seeing as I live in Solihull at the moment (a tiny town by Birmingham in England) I think it may be hard for me to get my hands on one, so I mean, how much more expensive would a Birkin/Kelly be :smile:?
  5. Vivek, the Hac 36 would be fine on you, check out Hermes Only's thread.:tup:
  6. His thread is:
    Gentlemen & Ladies: My Feb07 Podium Order Is Here!!!
  7. Thanks medusa :smile:
    Rarr, i've just called up every single Hermes boutique in London, and the SA's have been the most un-helpful people ever, one sales rep on New Bond St. tried to convince me that the KP isnt available in non-exotics :S
    Anyone reccomend a certain SA in any of the UK boutiques please :biggrin:?
  8. If you're in London, why not hop on the Eurostar for a quick visit to the Mothership? Might be cheaper and better selection too!
  9. Hmm, the paris thing seems like a bit of a long shot, as I may not get something I like, but I contacted the manchester store, and they said that they still had a couple of custom orders for Kelly Pochettes left, so googogo :biggrin:
  10. Helpmeplease: So sorry to hear about that. I think this is the 2nd post I read today where people met an unhelpful SA.

    That's an utter rubbish, I must say. KP is available both in exotic and non-exotic. I have a KP in non-exotic leather so there you go.

    Manchester will be a better shot because Paris is a hit and miss kind of thing. Perhaps you can ask the Manchester store to hold the KPs for you so you have some choices, i.e. color and leather. Good luck!
  11. Well, I spoke to my SA in the Manchester store today, Havanne (something or other leather) with Gold hardware, KP, will be made for me at Hermes :smile:, and im thinking about waiting a while to ask about the HAC, maybe get some other stuff I want as well (need to buy xmas pressies, a couple of scarves should make the SA like me, which will mean she'll want me to get my HAC :p)
    Thanks for the great help guys :smile: