Newbie questions re: Epi Noe purse?


Sep 7, 2012
I love love love wearing drawstring bucket bags and just saw a lady toting around a vintage looking LV bucket. I asked her about it and she said it's an Epi leather purse so I looked it up and found that it's the Noe bag. I've seen some photos of them and they have such great colors!

The only drawback for me is that there is nothing cinching the drawstring on this purse. I noticed that in all of the photos, folks have bow-tied the bag shut. Were there ever any models where the bag had its own cinch or has it always just been a tie-it-up kind of closer.

The reason I love drawstring buckets is because it's such a quick open and close cinching closure! I just imagine that the tying closure would be such a huge nuisance!!!

What do ya'll think?


Feb 9, 2013
Brainstorm- I love, love love the Noe. I think it is such a classic. I have it in the mono, and several older Epi colors, and just recently bought the Epi fuscia, navy and purple combination. If you keep the string tied loosely it will stay put, but you can't bend too far or things will fall out! Kind of like the Delightful. In its day, the Noe was just as common as the Speedy. It's still a fabulous bag!