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  1. This may be a real rookie question, but I need some advice. My husband and I are on our honeymoon in Waikiki, and there are tons of great bags to choose from. As a wedding gift to me, I get to pick a Coach purse and I'm having trouble. I initially wanted the black signiture purse (I don't have a great black bag) but I love some of the more colorful bags (purple hobo, aqua too). I have one other Coach bag, one of last Spring's Hampton (white with pink strap). What should I pick? Should I start with a classic black? If so, should I go with Soho Hobo (a little more trendy) or the classic soft demi? Any insight would be helpful!
  2. Hopefully someone will reply before I have to leave for the mall!
  3. I guess it really depends on your style. I favor the all leather bags - like the Daphne. But I do like some of the other styles they have out now.
  4. I think that if it's possible, you should go with a larger bag than the ones you are considering. I tend to associate the soho hobo and the soft demi with teenagers (because that's what everyone at school has). And I also think you should go with the black signature, since you already have a spring/summer Coach bag and you could use a black bag all year long if you wanted to. Since you are already considering a hobo, I'd recommend the Soho Signature Large Hobo. It looks more mature.
  5. I think I may go for the black bag, still have to decide on the size. Keep the advice coming, thanks for the input so far!
  6. Since it's a wedding gift, I'll pick a colorful bag to remind me of that wonderful day instead of a boring black bag but then that's just me. I hope you find that bag you're looking for. And congrats on your marriage!
  7. Congrats on your wedding!