newbie question


Mar 1, 2006
do you think there is a difference with the softness of the leather in any of the sofia's, or/and new sophias? i own a seafoam stella w/silver pushlocks and love the softness of it....are all sofias/sophias like that? (i've never seen or touch a real sofia/new sophia)
Members said that the 1st generation Stella/Sofia have softer/nicer leather than later releases. According to them, Stella/Sofia Limited Edition (with buckles, released in Spring 2004) aren't as impressive as those from the 1st run. Yours is New Sophia, it's also made of calf leather which should be soft overall; some batches are softer than others, it wouldn't be stiff. =)

I have Soft Calf bags released from different seasons, I never really compare their leather. I have some bags that are made of Tumbled Calf as well, I never compare them to the Soft Calf leather either.

In terms of leather, I'm most impressed with Resort 06's Sweet Punk bags. They are made of the softest and most luxurious MJ leather I've ever felt.


Dec 11, 2006
The sophia is a great bag, however it is an older style. I too love the marc jacobs with the pockets. The newer more modren style marc jacobs just have his signuture buckle on it. If you want something with pockets thats more mod...get a quilted stella. Its a little larger then the sophia and more classic.