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  1. hello all. I was recommended to ask you all some questions regarding marc jacobs hand bags.. I'm kinda interested in the sophia or a small multipocket and so heres my questions..
    Does he make these styles each season or am I looking for a one time production and if they are each season are there any resources for knowing which colors are from which season?
    Also any websites to browse these? I'm coming up with nothing and assuming they just sell out? thanks for any insight cecelia;)
  2. Hi Ceclia..Check out the Marc Jacobs Referennce Library thread at the top of this MJ board....You will find lots of information there....In the 'Resort 06' thread, a VERY informative member bag.lover has posted all the styles, colors, sizes, prices etc for this collection and she continually adds to it...The Sophia isn't made anymore..however the multipocket comes in two sizes and is included in each season's collections...The colors are different every season but black is a mainstay...There are (2) sizes as well....Hopefully she will see this thread and answer your questions better..But you can always post them and someone will answer you...Good luck in your search and welcome!! :heart: Emmy
  3. Yes, the sophia is no longer being made, but ebay alway has several authentic ones for sale.

    The small MP is still being made by MJ, but he produces different colors for each season so it's limited if you're looking for a particular color.

    The MJ paper tag will tell you which season the color was released. The 2nd number is the last number of the year, and the 3rd number is the season, 1 is for spring, 2 is for fall, and 3 is resort... so for example,
    352XXX is a 2005 fall release.... hope that helps!

    And definitely check out the leather variations thread if you want to see what colors were produced.. It is continuously being updated.
  4. ^ Thithi is the large no longer being made? :heart: Emmy
  5. Adding to what Emmy said. I'm assuming you are inquiring about the SOFT CALF (non-quilted) styles. Stella (including New Stella), Sophia (including New Sophia & Sofia), and Cammie are no longer made. In Fall 2005, QUILTED Multipockets (in both sizes; chain shoulder strap) were introduced; the smaller size is coming back for Spring 2007. In Resort 05, Multipocket (default name for small) was also available under QUILTED DENIM line as well.

    Several colors are chosen for every line each season; most colors are available for Multipocket, Large Multipockets have less choices. Which color are you interested in? I collect all the colors/styles MJ made over the years, but my list is far from complete. Might do a website someday...

    (source: Marc Jacobs Look Books)

    * SPRING/SUMMER 2006 *
    SOFT CALF Colors: Black, Linen, Butter, Nutmeg, Putty, Blueberry, Sweet Pea,



    * FALL/WINTER 2006 *
    SOFT CALF Colors: Black, Linen, Amethyst, Graphite, Emerald, Whiskey, Charteause



    * RESORT or CRUISE 2006 *

    13 x 11 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Olive

    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Sand, Olive, Scarlet

    * SPRING/SUMMER 2007 *


    13 x 11 x 5"
    Colors: Black, White, Navy, Light Grey

    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Lavendar


    MULTIPOCKET (chain shoulder strap)
    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Brown, Blue, Natural

    PATCHWORK (big quilting)

    MULTIPOCKET (chain shoulder strap, front pockets are replaced by a zipper)
    11 x 8 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Slate, (can't remember if it's Ivory or Beige)

  6. The larger one is still around, don't worry!:P
    I only mentioned the small MP because it was the specific size that cecilia asked about...
  7. bag.lover: what are the major differences betw. the 'new sophia' and the sofia? i always thought there was the one 'usual' sophia w/the metal pushlocks and of course the 'first' sophia w/the buckles. thank you in advance for your tutorial. :smile:
  8. New Stella/Sophia/Anouck are the ones with pushlocks.
    Stella/Sofia are the original styles with buckles.
  9. Oh, how I wish the Multipocket still came in such pretty colors, like blueberry! I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the color selection for Spring/Summer 07. :sad: They seem a little boring!
  10. There were many rich & memorable colors, recent ones are mostly flat. I'm so tired of seeing suede lining in beige, brown, grey, taupe, etc. YAWN...All the wonderful colors went to Balenciaga.

    I heard that Spring 07's Lavendar is very pretty. =)
  11. I have seen Fall 2004's Sofias with pushlocks (tumbled calf and antique gold hardware), styles from the same line came in Dk Forest, Lt Petrol Blue, Orchid, etc. They aren't grouped under SOFT CALF, but I don't have a chance to confirm yet.

    Within the same season, SOFT CALF New Sophias were made with silver pushlocks in Dk Indigo, Maroon, Sap Green, Bark, etc.
  12. thanks all..i was looking to find a gently used as to avoid retail prices and it looks like i may have luck since I am looking for the non quilted varities..thanks all for your good info!! cecelia;)
  13. hi bag.lover, thanks for your informative input as usual. :smile:
    do you think there is a difference with the softness of the leather in any of the sofia's, or/and new sophias? i own a seafoam stella w/silver pushlocks and love the softness of it....are all sofias/sophias like that? (i've never seen or touch a real sofia/new sophia)
  14. does anyone know if the sp/su mps are going to have suede interior?
  15. The SOFT CALF styles should be lined with suede. QUILTED/PATCHWORK styles are lined with canvas unless they are changed toward the release dates.

    I am told that S/S 07 QUILTED Stams are lined with canvas, the PATCHWORK styles previewed at the trunk show have fabric lining (similar to those used on Resort 06's BAL HARBOUR, QUILTED SIGNATURE LEATHER, SWEET PUNK lines) as well.