Newbie Question~

  1. Hi everyone! Newbie/Lurker here. I have enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing all the beautful bags!
    I myself had purchased Dooney-and I really like them! However, I think I may be swaying over to Coach now :yes:

    I still have the tags on my Dooney thing's soooo I am considering making the switch. (Both brands have such nice bags though)

    I was looking at the Coach sig. crossbody duffle and Ergo crossbody. I like the longer straps and the fact that you can wear it across your body or on the shoulder~plus with 3 kiddo's hands feee works for

    Does anyone have either of these? Or know which is more roomy? I'd appreciate any opinions.

    I have always been a purse freak, but with brands like Guess, Sak etc...
    This is my first "bigger" purchase and I know I will be addicted fast. I am already on the Coach site 10x a day!

    Thanks so much for your help!!
  2. I love Coach's crossbody bags when you have to juggle kids..I do the same thing. The legacy hippie (which you can find on eBay and a few outlets) is also a good choice, but the leather is heavier than the Ergo leather.

    The ergo crossbody looks like a really pretty bag, but I don't own it...maybe one of the tpf ladies who owns one can give you some advice.

    Can you go to a boutique and try one on? Good luck!
  3. I have the duffle and it can hold a LOT of stuff.

    I am very curious about the ergo too, hopefully someone will post about it!

    welcome to TPF! we're glad you're here!!
  4. Thank You! Yep, I have a Coach store about 25 mins. from here :smile: That's probably my best bet to go try a few on.
  5. Thanks for the welcome!

    Do you have the regular duffle or medium? I saw the 2 at the Coach site. Was also wondering the size difference:confused1:
  6. I actually have an older duffle, but it's the same size as the medium
  7. Welcome to the Coach forum. :smile:

    Unfortunately, I don't have either of the bags you mentioned so I can't be of any help with that.