Newbie Question

  1. Hey everyone,, Im debating between getting a monogram speedy or an Azur Speedy. Is the Azur limited edition or part of the regular collection? I want a monagram, but if the other is LE I guess I will get it first. Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. actually both bags are nice ...Go for the Monogram speedy now...and after a few months or a year...purchase another speedy..hehehehehe:tup: i dont think azur is a limitied damier azur is also nice, its always out of stock in LV shops:tdown:
  3. First and foremost, welcome to tPF!

    The Damier Azur line is a permanent collection.

    I think you should also go for the Monogram Canvas first, and then the Azur later on. ;)