Newbie question re. Hermes colours. Rouge Casaque to be specific.

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  1. Hello ladies.
    I have been reading up on Hermes for a while and was actually planning on getting a black Bolide 35 with GHW. That is until a Rouge Casaque Bolide 31 showed up on the European website a few weeks ago. The thing is, I took too long to make up my mind and of course it sold. And now I am obsessed :lol:

    As I understand Hermes has seasonal colours but they repeat those colours, is that correct?
    I am obviously trying to figure out what my odds are of another RC Bolide popping up on the website soon :smile:

    My local Hermes store is not a flagship store, so they can't search for things for me, they have what they have. So the website really is my best option.

    Some places I read that RC is increasing right now but other places I read that there are fewer RC's because Tomato Red etc. are coming instead.

    Any insight would be much appreciated :flowers:
  2. It is no longer a staple red color so would be harder to find. Majority of the time, H tried to push new colors out to keep the brand fresh.
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    In the past week at least three people have gotten or were offered RC at FSH in Kelly and Birkins. Those are only the people who post on TPF so I'd bet there are even more recent RC bags out there that we just don't know about. So IMO it looks like it's making a bit of a comeback.
  4. In my shop last summer they said RC would be discontinued graduate and we are not getting it in anymore. I think again, to push the new colour.
  5. +1
  6. Thank you for confirming my suspicion :smile:

  7. Yup, this is what I've noticed too and what has me a little confused.

    I'm not all that familiar with Hermes but would I be able to do a phone order - I'm in Europe.
  8. Thank you for chiming in, ladies! Though it doesn't sound hopeful :blah:

  9. I personally love RC. I am in Europe but in France will be the best chance to get it. Possibly they will keep some circulating but to what degree who knows.

  10. It just looks like the perfect red :smile:
    I was actually considering going to Paris to buy one but firstly, I wouldn't know for sure that it was in stock and also I'm working 6 days a week all summer so I just don't see it happening.
    I might try and call them to see if they would be willing to do a phone order or possibly send it via my local store.
    Argh, if only I had just bought it when it was on the website :smash:

  11. I think it does and I was not so much into colours before. But it definitely pulled me in.

    For Bolide I think RC is also possible in Suisse. It is a bit annoying because you never know. I could swear I've seen it even online.

    I can imagine about work. It is hard and cannot imagine with the line etc. I hope somehow you can get it because it is a very nice colour.

    Maybe some Paris experts can chime in on the possibility of ordering via phone.

    If you have a SA or SM possibly they could assist you. My store have ordered in the past things from Paris and Monaco but cannot say about bags.

    Keep us updated [emoji259]

  12. My local store is not a flagship store so they can't order anything unfortunately.
    A while back I called Hermes Paris to try and locate a silk scarf from a past season and they were actually very helpful so maybe I'll get lucky with a bag as well. Still not sure they'll be willing to do a phone order for a bag though.

    And absolutely, if I manage to find this bag, you will surely be updated :lol:
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