Newbie Question re bangles

  1. I'm thinking of getting either a clic clac bangle or one of the plain bangles and have a stupid question...

    I know that the coloured part is enamel, but the gold part... is it gold plated or gold the whole way through? In Australia the wide Clic Clac is $720AUD which is a bit rich if it's only plated. Can anyone help???

  2. I believe they are plated. The plating if very good quality but not solid gold. I've never seen the gold chip on any of these, if that helps your decision.
  3. The metal part is definitely NOT solid, Hermes now refers to them as gold plated or silver and palladium plated, but did not for years, causing many to think they are solid.

    They do however lack a hallmark like 14kGP (14k gold plated) which is found on much PLATED jewelry, so, there is a legal difference between what they sell and the stuff marked 14kGP (or 18kGP or whatever). And Hermes is not saying what the difference is...
  4. Get one! They are great, I love my clic clac. Along with the price tag comes excellent workmanship ansd great after care.
  5. I love the clic clac and have one in a pretty teal color! Very comfy to wear also...
  6. You are not necessarily paying for the metal but the enameling ( and the H name). Enameling is a very difficult jewelry technique to master and is very labor intensive.
  7. Thanks for all your responses. I still think that regardless of the "name" $720AUD is a lot for a bangle that's only gold plated. I have family travelling overseas to Hong Kong and Europe in the near future so if the price works out more affordable over there I might get them to pick one up for me.

    I really love the clic clac and the way it feels on. It's so much lighter than it looks, and as my wrist is quite small, the small one fits really neatly. I love it so much and was all set to get one, until my family brought up the price tag and if it was gold or not. Ooohhh what to do!

    Anyone know the current prices for the wide clic clac in Hong Kong or Europe?
  8. Oh, Carries, it DOES sound like you really like the clic clac.....I just wanted to encourage you to go on and get it. If you love it and enjoy it then it is well worth the money....and it's lots less money than a higher karat gold.

    I have an Hermes bracelet, 18K that I received for Christmas and I've worn it everyday since then. By Christmas of this year, it will have cost me a little over $21 US per day to wear it. By Christmas 2008 a little over $10 US a day.....and on and on.

    The more you wear it, the less the cost:yes: besides that, I am enjoying it ever so much.
  9. You'll find that almost anywhere else in the world would be cheaper than Aus. Ok, to help you out a little, going by the French website, Clic-Clacs are 371 Euro, which right now, translates to roughly $623.00 AUD.
  10. Love this, Isus! Your enabling is priceless! hNe
  11. ITA I've worn my enamel bracelet every day for five years. :yes: So worth it!!!
  12. I don't think the bracelets are cheaper in Hong Kong I think they would be even pricier.
    If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me.