newbie question on payments not received

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  1. Ok, I know i'm a bit too antsy, but in the past, when I sell something, usually the other person pays right away.

    I sold something on ebay last night, and this person has not paid yet! He/she only has 6 feedbacks (all positive though). And I have sent an invoice, but still nothing from this person.

    What is the normal waiting period for payment? If I waited past this period, what do I do? Do I contact ebay to get refund for my final value fees or something?

    I'm really new to ebay, sorry if it's a stupid question. Thank you!
  2. It does seem unfair, but some people wait days before paying. It is not unusual. You can wait several days and then send a second invoice or a nice note, requesting payment.

    If they haven't paid within seven days, you can file an unpaid item report, and also request your final value fees be reimbursed.
  3. Whether you like it or not, the buyer has 7 days to pay after the end of auction per eBay's rules. On the eighth day, if you still haven't had any communication or payment from the buyer, you can file a NPB.
  4. Thank you Conni618 for your help! I will have to wait then.... :sad:

    I saw some people have "immediate payment required" on their listing. Is this only a premier feature? How can a seller request immediate payment on a listing?

    Thanks for all your help!
  5. No, it isn't a premiere feature, however, in order to utilize the "immediate payment" option on your listing, it MUST be a Buy It Now Fixed priced listing. Otherwise, if it's just a regular auction styled listing, you do not have this option.

    Once the seller has the immediate payment option on their listing, the auction will/does not end until the payment has been completed. It won't even allow an eCheck with this option.

    Underneath your payment option that you accept (i.e. PayPal, money order, checks, etc.) there is a box to check where you can specify immediate payments required.
  6. Oh thank you!! Onegirlcreative! I must have not read the options carefully enough. I usually ignore the fine prints. :smile:
    Thank you so much!!!