Newbie Question on BE Bags

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  1. Hi all. I have stumbled into the BE forum and fallen in love with the Hug Me and Make Me Smile Mini. However, the only bags available on the site are in metallic-type leathers which I am not really into. I have tried to search and find the answer to my question but I am still confused.

    I understand that you can do bespoke orders for these bags as well. But does that mean if I want one of these bags in a "regular" color my only option is to place a special order? Any info you laides can provide is greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance!
  2. Unless you can find the bag you are looking for on Ebay or in a US store that stocks BE, I am afraid that a Bespoke may be The Logical Thing To Do.
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    I would email Rose(@) (remove brackets) and tell her what you're interested in. It may turn out that there's a bespoke you could join or you could pre-order from the Spring line. I'm not sure if it's still available but we were able to do individual bespokes without the additional 20% fee added while the Spring line was being produced. Rose could answer your questions though and help you select the right bag for you! Their CS is incredible!
  4. Thanks ladies. I will email Rose and see what my options are.
  5. Hi Knas!

    What color are you looking at getting?? I know you said you are not into metallics, but if you decide to change your mind the Choc. Crash on the Hug Me is a very subdued metallic that is beyond gorgeous.
  6. Hmm.. I would like something neutral. I already have enough black backs so I was thinking a brown shade. However I normally don't go for darker browns....usually tans/cognac type colors. I'd just really like a color that is very versatile.
  7. There is a group bespoke on the go for a Chocolate Pebbled Glossy TME if you read down the threads. That is a milk chocolate type of brown - would that suit you? The bag would be 10% less than normal retail with free shipping.
  8. that the Take Me Everywhere? Sorry, still learning acronyms. Actually I am interested in the Hug Me and Make Me Smile Mini right now. But I will go check out the color thanks.
  9. There's also a group bespoke for the Dark Grey LM/Midi for delivery in February. The Dark Grey leather is one of the most popular leathers for BE. Apparently, the color goes well with just about everything. We have 17 people ordering either the LM or the LM Midi for this bespoke.

    Even if you're not interested in the LM, you might want to check out the thread to see the color.
  10. There was a group bespoke for the Large Hug Me in the Choco Pebbled Glossy a while ago and I don't know whether any extras were made or if everyone loves their bags. Some might appear on Ebay if not?

    Tan is one of the SS09 colours but a few people have found it a bit too orange for their taste. I can't remember whether it was going to be a stock colour in the MMS. I don't think that we were offered pre-order sheets for Hug Mes.
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  12. Knas-
    If you like mid toned browns, I would go with what Jenova said about the chocolate pebbled since that is a rich, mid-toned brown. The chocolate crash might be too dark for you (even though it is very gorgeous and versatile :nuts:).
  13. Hi! The dark gray MMS Midi in dark gray glossy is on sale at Muse Ten. I saw the bag in person at this store during the holidays and it was a looker! If I didn't already get the WTM Midi and wasn't on bespoke for the LM Midi Dark Gray I would have snatched it. Well, DH was there too so it was a bit harder! :angel:
  14. Hi,

    Based on your needs, I would suggest a choco glossy HM. I have one and absolutely LOVE this bag. It's such a keeper!

    I'd consider asking Jackie about a custom order for this bag. I think I read the other day on this forum that they won't charge the extra 20% for a short while but I"m not certain this applies to the Hug Me. It might and is worth asking.

    You might have a challenge deciding on which size to order - medium or large. I LOVE both sizes. The past few weeks I've been wearing only my medium black glossy HM but then yesterday I changed over to my large and LOVE it too.

    Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions I can be of help!