Newbie Question: Legacy Flap vs. Legacy Hippie

  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post. I’m overwhelmed from all of the information I’ve read on this forum. It’s a lot to consider but very helpful though. :sos:

    I’m considering purchasing a Coach purse as a holiday present to myself and have narrowed my selection to 2 choices. I like the Legacy Flap Purse (11134) and the Legacy Hippie Purse (11132). I saw both in a Coach store at the local mall. The Flap is on the website but the Hippie isn’t and I don’t remember the price for it. I wanted to compare the 2 in terms of look, color options, and price. Was the Hippie an older style that is being phased out of the stores? I liked both of these since they are leather and have a longer strap to adjust. Can anyone provide some more information so that I can finally make a decision? :wondering

    I’m located in the NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area. I started to look at resources such as outlets and pce. Pce might be impossible for me to come by since I have yet to purchase anything and the people who I know who have don’t receive anything from the mailing list. If anyone also has advice about being a smart Coach shopper I would appreciate it. :sweatdrop:
  2. 1st of all, Welcome to the Purse Forum! You'll be having loads of fun and help here!

    Well,to your questions: PCE wise, you can ask a Sales Associate(SA) to give you the PCE discount during a PCE, and ask for it nicely. Hippies are slightly old, so I think it is being phased out. My vote goes to the hippie, it's very functional. Those are my 2 cents!
  3. That hippie is fairly new. I've called JAX on the signature style and it's $398. The leather is going to be either the same price or slightly more ($428 is my best guess). I found them on the Japanese website originally. But now that you say you've seen it in a store, I'm tempted to wonder to a boutique tomorrow.
  4. I have the Legacy Hippie in Whiskey from last year. It is a great bag. The shoulder flap is nice too and you can carry more in it but you cannot wear it cross body. I don't know where you live but the Flagship stores in NYC at 16th Street and Fifth Avenue have the Legacy Hippie bags.
  5. I vote for the Legacy Flap. I just really like the simple style of it -as you can see, it's on my wishlist, lol.
  6. Hippie! For some reason the legacy flap of this year is not as nice to me as the legacy of 06! but the hippie is still slightly the same!
  7. oh and the coach store on 16th st and 5th ave has the leather versions in black and whiskey!
  8. Coming from someone who has owned both....$$ wise...the flap bag is roughly $100 more but is much bigger. The flap is a great everyday bag. THe drop length is perfect and its very comfortable but you can't wear it crossbody. The only gripe I had about the flap bag is the HUGE flap! It seemed fine when I tried it on at the store, but once I took it home and started using the bag, it was very cumbersome. The hippie is great. Its a lot smaller than the flap but you can wear crossbody or on shoulder and the flap is smaller so it didn't bother me as much. I used the hippie as my everyday bag for a while. Good Luck with your decision and let us know what you decide!:tup:
  9. I vote for the Legacy 06 hippie. It's an amazing bag and they sold really fast, even off of eBay. It's a great crossbody style that can hold a lot, and if you live in a metropolitan area where you're walking a lot, it's a great way to have both comfort and style!
  10. Hello and Welcome to The Purse Forum (tPF) and Coach Forum! You will love it here! Everyone is so sweet and full of info!

    Here's another vote for the hippie. I think this bag is sooo cute! Let us know what you decide on!
  11. I like the Hippie! The '07 Legacy Flap didn't do it for me at all:tdown: I just don't like that big flap. The hippies are so cute and functional though! If you like to be hands free it is the way to go!
  12. I have the '06 Hippie in black and I got it after searching high and lo on eBay be/c they are no longer available in stores. I LOVE it!! The '07 hippie is in the flagship stores and also on the Japan website and is this year's version of the bag...I tried that one on as well and while it's different, it's also really nice in its own way. Definitely a vote for the hippie - it's very functional, holds a lot, keeps the hands free and is really in for the season (the cross-body look). Good luck deciding!
  13. This was for the Ergo belted hippies, which are now sold out through JAX