newbie question: is this bag shiny?

  1. I have a truffle twiggy and mine is really matte
  2. Ya know, it's hard to tell from the Diabronet photos -- plus, if you're buying a bag from them, you're not going to get the actually bag that's in the picture. That's just a staged photo with a representative bag. And the leather/shine level do vary from bag to bag, so one 06 Truffle is different from another 06 Truffle. That's one of the elements that gives each bag its personality.

    If you work with a store like BalNY, they will send you photos of the actual bags they have so you can see which leather/shine level you like. You could try to do the same with Diabro, through their customer service.
  3. Well, if you do work with BNY, make sure you ask them if it is the actual bag. I was considering buying the pink city there and they initially sent me a stock photo and didn't tell me what it was.
  4. thanks so much - what's the website for BalNY?
  5. It's Balenciaga. Go to the Stores link to get their phone number. Good luck!
  6. The Truffle for last season was a bit tricky. Seems like the larger sizes (Work, Weekender) were most likely to be matte and the smaller sizes (including the First) were shinier.