Newbie question, is this a good first bag?

  1. I'm a newbie to the Bal subforum...usually on Chanel or Prada but.....I need a comfy black shoulder bag. I saw the giant hobo w/ GGH and fell in love.

    Wondering if it's a good newbie bag. I want it to be comfy since I have to tote around a baby at all times. The last thing I need is to worry about my bag as well.

    Is it durable and will it hold my essentials plus a couple toys and a burp cloth? I'm not looking to use this as my diaper bag but just a bag that I can grab and go.....mostly my bag that I don't have to worry about.

    Should I get or look for something else instead? I hope it doesn't have fragile leather....:confused1:

    Many TIA!!! :tup:
  2. the only warning i would have is that the giant hardware bags have a rep for being heavy.

    as far as durability, i have had no problems w/my bbags. they are very tough imo.
  3. Thx very much for the response. I picked one up the other day at my NM and they seemed lighter than some bags I own, thank goodness. I am carrying a MJ Multipocket right now and that can get pretty heavy with a 16 lb baby, my belongings and other bags when doing errands.
  4. i think the giant hobo is beautiful, but have you also considered a giant day? a lot of the girls here really like the style. it's a bit roomier than the hobo, so you can be sure all the baby stuff will fit.
  5. ^^hhmm, never thought about it. I'm going back to NM in the next couple days and will have to try it out! Is that bag light too?
  6. I'm with Bellini and say go for the Day. It holds a LOT more than the Hobo and weighs almost the same.

    Personally I like the look of the Day better as well, but both bags are gorge IMO!

    Good luck! :smile:
  7. Yup, I'd say go for the DAY- it'd hold everything you mentioned, where as the hobo might be overstuffed. both the day and hobo are probably the lightest bags with giant hardware (compared to, say the city with GH), but they're not as light as the Day with regular hardware. And you're right, even with GH, the bal bag is much lighter than your MJ.

    As for durability, I think choosing black is smart and it should serve you well. With the dark color you wont' have to worry or baby the bag as much. And it's simply stunning yet classic in black!!
  8. ^ Ditto to what everyone said above about the DAY! It's both a stylish and functional everyday bag that you won't have to 'baby' while you carry your real baby! :flowers:
  9. ^^so true! I took a look at the Day in the ref lib and loove the way it looks! I remember seeing them at my NM come to think of it. Now how much does this baby cost these days???

    PS: Thx so much for everyone's input. Y'all are TRULY experts! :yes:
  10. The Day REALLY stays put on your shoulder...unlike your gorgeous baby!!
  11. Def. go for the giant Day, it's very lightweight but fits much more than the hobo. It also looks good stuffed whereas the hobo looks less pretty stuffed, it distorts the shape more imho. I have 5 Days, it's a fave of mine.
  12. oooh i forgot about the GH day's, i like those :yes:

    realdeal had a cafe GGH day for $1125, but i'm not sure if that's the going rate for a day new GH day...
  13. A RH Day is $995 & GH is $1245. :flowers:
  14. I have a couple of Days, a couple of toddlers and a new baby:smile: The Day is great for when you need just a few baby things to go along with your stuff. Very fuss-free but definitely still stylish. It has a huge inside pocket, and the outside pocket is a good size as well, so organization isn't much of a problem. It's my favorite style to use when I'm running around with the kids and don't need much. If I'm toting a lot then I like the Courier better.
  15. Thx again for all the replies! It really helps me a lot.

    Now for another quick question: Does anyone find that the leather stitching on the handle frays or comes unraveled at all? Or is it in there pretty snug? I'm not really easy on my bags but I don't throw them in mud either...:smile: I just want to know if it's still a low maintenance bag..?