Newbie question here!

  1. Just wondering what the carabiner is used for inside the bags? Is it to hook your keys?

  2. that's what I use it for :shrugs:
  3. yeah i think so? lol i never even thought about using it...
  4. LOL Oh good.. I just assumed there was something more to it than that.
  5. im sure you can put other things like maybe a thumb drive or anything that has a keyring like a wristlet (so you wont forget it)?
  6. it is for your keys... but that's inconvenient for me so i hook my elastic hair bands on it so i know i have them for the gym. hehe.
  7. I :heart: it, cause then I don't have to worry that I'll lose my keys somewhere!
  8. Oh yes Maya.. I am always losing my hair elastics.. good idea!
    Another question, it the chain on the outside serving a purpose or just for "looks"?
  9. it's mainly there so you can quickly whip it off and choke your boyfriend if he's acting up.

    oh wait, um, i mean it's decoration... i hear some people wear it as a necklace too.
  10. LMAO!!! I like the first part! :roflmfao:
  11. i know i totally cracked up on the first one! LOL .......oooh good idea!
  12. like if you want a tokidoki bag and he says no?
  13. i've never had that experience... my bf is the one that encourages me to buy things i want!! *lol* he even gives me the money... *lol*
  14. nanji desu ka? nana juichi?
  15. ummm... nana jyuuichi = 7 11. *lol*

    ima wa shichiji happun desu.