Newbie Question for TWIGGY OWNERS!! plz HELP!!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to bbags but I feel like I am learning lots as I read through the threads, thanks ladies!!

    after looking at several pics, I think my first purchase is going to be a twiggy.

    but I have a few questions about them..
    do twiggys look the same when they are filled vs non filled? or do they always hold up that "square box" kind of look or they only look like that when it is actually filled with stuff inside?

    if anyone has pics..can you post your twiggy filled and another pic of it unfilled?

    thanks everyone!! :heart: :heart: I hope I'm not being too annoying..:sweatdrop:
  2. Square box? Thats the City

    Twiggy is more rectangular. it actually looks like a log when its full. But its still cute coz of the tassles:smile:
  3. I just sent a Twiggy back to BalNY... but even when it wasn't filled it still looked "long", I'd have the "smush" the sides down to get it to not look so loggy. However, this was a brand new Twiggy, so it hadn't had time to soften up & start smooshin' on it's own yet. I think used Twiggys would do that naturally :yes:

    Hopefully someone else with longer experience can help you more :p
  4. Mine is a little older and broken in but it does squoosh around the sides when filled.
  5. i sooo love the more "worn" look for the twiggy!! this is so pretty! thanks for sharing!!:yahoo:
  6. It slouches unless it's stuffed full which mine rarely are since they hold a lot. Go to the post at the top of the board of with pics wearing your Balenciaga, search for Twiggy, there are lots of pictures there. :smile:
  7. This twiggy is filled & is new leather .....
    This twiggy is not filled and is 06 leather ....
    Without filling they do slouch, particularly the more used they are. Regular use and the new leathers start to go more slouchy.
  8. Fred&Ginger, those twiggies are just gorgeous. What color is the second one?
  9. Thanks Melisande. The 2nd one is 06 Sapin.
  10. I just bought this preloved 05 Caramel Twiggy and I love the shape much more than the brand new Truffle one I was looking at at NM - the new one looked too much like a log and mine is all smooshy and broken in!! :love:

  11. the twiggy always reminds me of a sausage when it's stuffed, but you never really wear it that stuffed. It slouches perfectly if you ask me.
  12. haha! yeah!! dat's what I always thought of the twiggy too and that's why I decided no twiggy..just cuz it's too "hot dog"-ish for me..but now knowing that it slouches when it's not stuffed..and I never stuff my bag.....
    should I get a twiggy next??:graucho:
  13. Z&J, I looove your twiggy!! Such a pretty color :heart:
  14. Mine slouches, i put a roll of paper towel in it the other day...i cannot do that with a first, so i recommend it
  15. yes! you should get one! you will not be disappointed. :yes: