Newbie question for returns/concerns about Emilie wallet


Aug 31, 2011
Hi everyone,

I am a newbie to buying LV and recently bought the new Emilie wallet in Amsterdam from an LV store. I guess I didn't inspect my item careful enough (newbie mistake) and see some slight damage to my wallet. Maybe it is nothing but on one side the canvas seems to be slightly tearing. Comparing it to the other side confirms a difference. I'm not sure if I'm going overboard with this - maybe it's nothing?

Here are my specific questions
1. Do you think this warrants an exchange?
2. Can I go to any boutique for return? I live in the states and bought this in Amsterdam.
3. If You think I should exchange it, what are the procedures or any etiquette that I need to follow in the stores? I feel like a lost puppy in LV stores and don't want to act stupid or do something that is not acceptable.

Thanks for any advice!!!


Nov 27, 2013
I experienced the same thing when I purchased an Epi Emilie! By the time I noticed a tear, I was already home and the boutique was closed. I called the 1-800 LV number to inform them that I would be returning the wallet the next day.

I simply brought the wallet with me and my receipt back to the store.The SA who handled my return was understanding. Make sure to go ASAP so you can get a full refund or return though!!

I don't know too much if you can exchange a good that was purchase from another country. But regardless make sure you tell them that you noticed this fault before you even started using this wallet!

Hope this helps

Ms Moneypenny

Mar 12, 2011
I would return. Just bring in the receipt. I bought something in the USA and live in Canada. The sales associate said I have 30 days to exchange/ return. I hope that helped you. Please don't worry about going in :smile:
Mar 2, 2014
I purchased the Emilie wallet in March and sent it back to Louis Vuitton last week because both sides of the wallet had started cracking. Was initially told they would repair it and that it would take 8-12 weeks! I decided that I didn't want to wait this long for a wallet that was only a few months old, so have exchanged it for a handbag instead. X


May 12, 2011
This has been a problem for other LV wallets in the past. I think the Marie compact for example. Take it back ASAP and tell them you did not notice the defect until you got home and need to exchange.