newbie question...could really use your advice!

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  1. Hi, ladies! I have been a TPF'er for 2 years and recently decided to sell a bag on Ebay through an Ebay selling store, since I don't want to mess with all the hassles of doing the transaction myself as an Ebay newbie. This store does a great job, have 100% positive feedback, etc. etc. Now, here's my question. I was offering a great bag that has had a ton of positive buzz from Megs on the Blog thread (the D'Angel Tia Tote in natural python, purchased from Lux Couture, a company with great Megs feedback) that was never used, with tags and at $150 less than what I paid for it. Because the rules of this forum said we are not allowed to reference our own personal auctions on the thread, I didn't do anything except cross my fingers and hope someone would see it. Well, now it hasn't sold and because there is no designated designer thread for D'Angel bags, I feel like it's a lost cause. Do TPF'ers cruise Ebay daily for new listings? Is there anything I can do to help my sale? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can lend.
  2. Well, after seeing that nobody wanted to answer my question, I went back to reread Swanky Mama's sticky about the rules of this forum. I don't see how I could have violated them by asking how to improve my chances to sell, since my auction is closed, I didn't mention the purchase price and there was no link provided to Ebay (no need to, since the auction is closed). Is there any way that is within the rules of the forum to let fellow TPF'ers know there is an item of possible interest to them up for sale on Ebay? If not, no problem. I would just thankful to know either way.
  3. There are a lot of threads going on not only in this subforum but all over TPF, so members can't always reply immediately. In addition, there's a good chance that your initial post might have been interpreted as an ad for your bag under the disguise of asking for selling advice. That's probably why people chose not to reply. In any case, according to TPF rules you cannot tell other members here about your bags for sale, whether it would be of possible interest to them or not.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. I truly was not trying to get around the rules. Because some of the better-known designer forums on here have "Authentic Ebay Sales" threads (Prade, Marc Jacobs), those sellers know that most likely, TPF'ers who are interested in that particular bag will be checking both Ebay and the TPF thread for new items. I wanted to know if there was any way to do the same on my D'Angel Tia Tote since they are sold out at Lux Couture and Megs had made so many positive references to the bag in the Blog Entry section. I sincerely was hoping to have it go to an interested TPF member at a very fair price. I will probably put it back in my closet because if there's no way to publicize it other than listing it on Ebay, it will likely not sell since it is from a relatively unknown designer. Again, thank you for your input; if you look at my "Other Posts" section, you will see that today's posts were the first ones I've ever made on this sub-forum and I honestly was unsure about the selling process and referencing TPF.
  5. NP. TPF has subforums for the most popular designers, and these subforums have "deals & steals" threads on which members post sales and auctions when they spot them (they cannot post their own). There is a Deals & Steal subforum for all other designers. The best you can do is make your listing as attractive as possible (title, photos, description and price) and make sure you list the bag under the Handbags & Bags category and choose a style, color, condition and material because most people who don't know or care about designers look for bags based on these attributes.