Newbie question - Black City

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  1. I am looking at purchasing a 08 Black City bag, and I know there are always variations of leather. However I noticed in some of the reference pics there are smooth black leathers and some are quite veiny and shiny. For 08, is there still such a huge difference between leathers? I am about to purchase my first bal bag this wknd, but want to know if I should wait until I see some other bal bags in black. Thanks!
  2. Yes, there is a variance in leathers so maybe you should check out as many as you can and the one that jumps out at you and you love it immediately, then that is the one. It is really a matter of personal choice as we all tend to like different leathers and you will know when you see it!! Good luck and let us know what you end up with!!
  3. b leather not only varies from season to season but also bag to bag. they r all nice when broken in
  4. thanks for much for the info! the holts in my city is having a 25% off sale this weekend, but they only have one black city to compare to. I'm also going to Europe in the fall where they should have actual balenciaga boutiques. Do you think I should just jump the gun and buy the one on sale or wait until Europe?
  5. * only one at holts. I prefer a really smooth leather that isn't very shiny. I've read a few theads saying that the 08 leather is shiny, is this true?
  6. ^^ mine is, but the shine will eventually wear off as you wear it, sometimes, not only bag to bag, I had a bag once where the left side is smoother that the right side!:nuts: