Newbie question. Any help greatly appreciated:)

  1. Hello all,

    I am new to the Chloe world. I own mostly Louis Vuitton, Tod's, and Hermes. I bought my first Chloe at Neiman's. I think most people do not care for the Jacquard Paddington but it really looks much nicer IRL. I have the yellow/brown combo.

    OK, on to the important question. I impulsively bought a Bay tote from Bluefly yesterday with their extra 10% off. I only heard of the stories about the fake Chloe bags from Bluefly in the past, just today, after searching the internet. I've bought other items from Bluefly in the past and have always been happy (haven't purchased a bag from them though)but I can't help but now wonder about their bags.

    The Bay tote I ordered is no longer in stock but the difference in the other bay totes they have in stock and what I've seen from NM online and BG online is the front pocket. The bag from NM and other photos I've seen looks like the front pocket with 2 zipper pulls is one piece. What I purchased from Bluefly is called the "double" pocket bay tote which I could not find anything similar on the internet. I called BF and they said they only got 4 in and I got the last one.

    Couldn't cancel the order anymore as they said the order already went through the warehouse although it has not shipped. The other medium totes on their site says the width is 16 1/2. Mine said 13 1/2" wide and comes with a strap. The small ones are 11 1/2 wide. Has anyone heard or seen the bay with 2 small front pockets instead of one continuous one with 2 zippers?

    Thanks so much! I apologize for the long post.
  2. Post pics when you get the bag and I'm sure the experts here on the forum can be of further assistance!
    I believe Bluefly has authentic bags, it's when shady people do a bait and switch and return fakes that are then put into their inventory that causes potential problems.
    I've never had a problem with Bluefly.
  3. I haven't heard of it myself, but I'm not an expert on the Bay.

    Chloe do various variations of styles and some of them can be quite obscure, so I certainly wouldn't panic. :nogood:

    As chodessa says, when you receive it, post pics here and on the Authenticate This Chloe thread and we'll have a look! :tup:

  4. Hello and welcome to Chloeville,
    Is the Bay you purchased from BF the quilted or non-quilted version ? I'm wondering if the one you purchased might be the quilted east-west bowling bag version. Could you post a photo from the BF site for us Chloe ladies to take a look at ?
  5. Thank you so much, ladies! You are all very kind :smile:

    Rubylola: Yes! That is the exact bag I am referring to with the double pockets. It is reassuring to see that particular style in the magazine. So, it does exist :smile:. Don't know why I don't see them in any of the upscale online dept. stores though. Do you know who owns the blue one in the pic? I wonder where they purchased that one.

    I will certainly post pics when I get it. I was hoping to get it today as I opted for expedited shipping but it does not look like it will get here until tomorrow and I'll be at work until late :sad: I will definitely post pics as soon as I am able.

    Thanks again!
  6. Thanks, Tagullah. Please see my other post. Unfortunately, since they are all sold out of the one I bought, I don't have any access to the picture anymore. The picture showing when I access my account is so tiny and I can't enlarge it. I will take pics of it when I get it though.

  7. Just an update. Got my Double pocket bay tote today from Bluefly. Although I am not familiar with Chloe bags, it looks authentic to me based on its craftmanship and details (although, I know fakes are getting better that even fake Hermes birkins are getting so darn good and can look authentic to the untrained eyes). I'll try to post pics by tomorrow and post it in the authentication section as suggested by another member. I like it very much but not sure if I love it. Distressed leather is an acquired taste, I guess. The leather smell kind of reminds me of Hermes Togo leather which I love. The size is great and the bag is pretty lightweight.

    Thanks everyone.
  8. I'm sure it will be authentic! Enjoy and welcome to chloe - you may never want to leave :graucho:
  9. ^^ Glad to hear that it isn't obviously fake; hopefully it's fine. :smile:

    No problem, BTW. :flowers:
  10. I am glad it worked out for you!
    I had one bad experience with bluefly but it was quickly fixed and all my other purchases were definitley authentic.
  11. Thanks, ladies. I found the link to the bag I purchased. Here it is:

    I stopped by at Neiman's today and actually saw the same exact bag (in black). I inspected the bag and looked at all the details and entire look and it looks exactly like what I got from Bluefly. I feel very confident now that what I got from Bluefly is authentic. Also, it is actually 15 1/2" wide, I originally posted it as 13 1/2 which is wrong.

    Thanks so much.
  12. Great bag! Enjoy!
  13. These are great news!! I'm glad everything turned out fine! I've never purchased anything from BF, and it's good to hear you guys are happy with them.. They have great prices sometimes, and I always check for good deals.
  14. Yes, needless to day, I am very relieved. When I first got it, I only liked it but now I love it! It's so comfortable and the leather scent is heavenly. Love it!