Newbie question, again

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  1. Is it bad to carry a LV in the rain? What will happen to it?
  2. The untreated leather could stain.. water stains are no fun :-/
  3. Mine are fine and I dont(GASP!!!) treat mine!!!!
  4. I carry Damier in the rain. It holds up remarkably well!
  5. If it's new vachetta you don't want to carry it in the rain, it will spot. But vachetta with an older patina doesn't stain easily. Damier is always good though;) V
  6. i've carried my Speedy in the rain afew times (in Auckland you can never tell if the day is going to be ok or not) but the water marks dry up pretty quickly and no marks are left behind! :amuse:
  7. The leather, like monogram, epi, vernis of Louis Vuitton are pretty water resistant. If your bag has any untreated natural hide leather, that is the one that gets pretty nasty water stains.
  8. How do you treat the leather?
  9. 1) You did? How funny. I've had a Big Love marathon the past week, discovered it and fell. in. LOVE :P The last season felt like a trainwreck though, talk about emotionally draining. But the first three I loved :biggrin:

    2) Haha, never noticed that, but I will now :P

    Looks great :biggrin:
  10. I wanna know too. How do u treat the leather. Newbie here as well.
  11. Old thread...Please do a search in FAQ section,lots of threads on leather/vachetta treatment and care. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.