Newbie question about wear birkin 30

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  1. I luckily got a birkin 30cm gold togo recently. But girl you know it s a little bit small. However, I found a photo that victoria beckham use her 35 cm birkin like that way (she just place the tip of 2 straps on buckles, the bag look like a tote . (sorry my english is not good),
    But I never find people using 30cm birkin like this way
    IS it ok to do this with a 30cm birkin , will it look weired?
    ( I have tried, and even A4 size document can place if a 30 wear like this way.)
  2. There is nothing weird or strange to wear a 30cm like a tote. The Birkin is shaped like a tote, though the 30cm can behave more like a handbag/purse and the 35cm has better dynamics for a tote due to the larger size. The bag is yours and you're entitled to wear it any way you find fit. Enjoy!
  3. However you like to wear it won't look weird. I can't see your pic but VB wears her 35s and her 30 (violine ostrich) the same way from memory (flap in straps on the turn-key). With the exception of the Fuschia ostrich which she wore closed for a while.

    ETA: Have a look in the Hermes in Action thread. Lots of members there wearing their 30s.
  4. thanks a lot, as I am newbie, just worry about improper wearing will make me look like a fashion victim and ruin the birkin
  5. Confidence will be your best accessory. Enjoy your new bag :smile:
  6. :d
  7. any girls wear 30 like the picture?
  8. I wear my 30 exactly the same way as VB... there isn't any hard and fast rules about how to wear a Birkin - and that's what is great about the B, everyone personalizes theirs in a different way! :biggrin:
  9. I think this is a birkin30 .. is that how you wish to wear it? it looks perfect to me ;)

  10. wear it the way you like and most comfortable.
  11. how s your baby? :biggrin:
  12. you look so stylish and chic , thanks for sharing

  13. I don't wear my birkins the same way every time. Sometimes I tighten up the straps all the way and other times it may be hanging midway. And believe me, there were times that I just leave it wide open with the straps flying out like wings. I guess it really just depends on my mood. There's not a right or wrong way to carry a birkin. As long as you're comfortable with it, you should be rocking your birkin however you like it.
  14. My baby is fine, wear her out 5 days a week!
  15. I wear mine exactly the same way Melania does (mine is a 30 choc/gold h/w), and use it as a tote. :smile: I don't think I'd ever wear it any other way, because it's more "me" to wear it that way. Don't worry... carry it with confidence and you'll look fabulous! :smile: