Newbie question about the Betty

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm a Gucci addict but finally cracked and bought a gorgeous Betty in that pale, pale grey when it went on sale at NM after Xmas. I love the color, and the softness of the leather is to die for, but my question is will this leather wrinkle even more with time? There are already a lot of wrinkles in the leather, most probably because the skin is so this the way it's supposed to look or will it just look awful a few months down the road? I think because the color is so light the wrinkles appear even more obvious. I'm scared to wear it and am debating if I should keep it or return it? :shrugs:

    Any words of wisdom on how to care for this bag or on how to learn to love the wrinkles? Thanks!!
  2. i actually had that bag and it didn't look any more wrinkled after lots of use (and even better, despite the light color, never stained at all)!
  3. I have one in whiskey and have not seen any increase in wrinkles nor has she gotten dirty. I remember being so iffy about her when I first thought of getting her only because of the upkeep she might need, but she's proven to be very low maintenance so far!
  4. I just purchased a Betty and am wondering what is the best way to care for the leather? :confused1:

    Any suggestions/words of wisdom? :smile:
  5. I haven;t done anything with my patent Betty yet b/c I haven't used her. I probably won't because it's patent.