Newbie Question about repairs

  1. I am a college student and just poured my internship money into a nice little vuitton collection. I bought vintage Vuitton clutch, reporter, epi noe, and bologna. My reasons for this is not just the price, but I only like dark pantinas.

    My issue is repairs. Now I know that for discontinued items that most likely Vuitton cannot (or willnot repair them). My reporter bag is terribly ripped at the zipper (however zipper still works) There are no rips at the leather so only the cloth attached to the zipper is ripped. Also the bologna is fine except I broke the zipper a week after I bought it :sad:. Everythings fine except that the zipper is off the track.

    My problem is that I live 4-5 hours away by car from the nearest Vuitton store. Is there anyway I can send my bags away to a store to be repaired instead of having to come to a store to hand them over. As I said, I am a college student and I don't really have the means (car) to make a trip like that and only for that reason.
  2. You really would have to take them in. For one, they want to be able to see if the bag CAN be fixed and that the canvas isn't cracked, etc. They may be able to suggest other things as well for upkeep and care etc.
    They WILL fix older discontinued bags etc. but you'd have to take them in for them to see how extensive the repair may be.
    I'd say a cobbler or other leather repair specialist would be able to do it, but I'd feel much safer having LV itself do it instead.
  3. Thank you for the reply! Then my question is if they could fix it, could I pay to have them ship it to me? I think I could swing one trip to the store but not two.
  4. I'm not sure about that WOULD take time to repair the bags so your second trip probably wouldn't happen very soon after your first one. Another thing is, since you have a few bags to have fixed, they'd probably want to wait until all of your bags were there before they shipped them, if they were able to.
    But LV is very versatile and will probably work with you so it's easier for you. They ship products from store to store and to your house so I don't see why it'd be any different with repairs, unless they needed to see you in person to make sure you got them back and were satisfied with the repair.
  5. Thank you very much!

    Well the reason the 2nd trip would be a bit much would be because driving 8-10 hours in one day would be kind of taxing T_T. I'm in Japan right now so when i get back I plan to call the nearest Vuitton store.
  6. You're welcome! I hope you can get them fixed the way you want :smile:
  7. Sometimes the LV boutiques can't make that determination in-store. They will take the item, write up a repair request and send it off to the repair centre for their opinion. If fixable, they will send the boutique an estimate and then you decide if you want to go through with it.

    If you send an item away for repair, expect that it can take upwards of 6 weeks to get it back, sometimes even longer.

    I've had discontinued items repaired without any problems.