Newbie question about double flap bags and 2.55

  1. Ok, these are probably really dumb questions.....but here goes.....

    1) I have been pretty interested lately in the "double flap" style Chanel bags and I guess this style is called the classic style? I also see really similar bags to this style called 2.55 bags. But are the 2.55 bags a re-style of the original classic double flap style? So confused...I wish the Chanel style names were more clear to me!

    2) I have read a lot of the tips on the authentication tips thread, but didn't see anything that answered this question: Does anyone know exactly what the quilting should be on Chanel bags? For example, on an authentic 2.55 bag, should there be 7 whole diamonds across the front of the bag and 2 whole diamonds width at the bottom of the bag. Does this make any sense? I guess I ask because some auctions on eBay look like the bottoms are 2 whole diamonds wide (, but others look like 2 almost whole diamonds wide (the tips of the diamonds are cut off) ( and others look like one whole diamond and two half diamonds ( Ok, I just sound crazy now....but I am curious about the differences.

  2. Oh and what is a "re-issue"?
  3. Reissue is more likely same style as the classic flap. But the locks and hardwares are different. Also, the classic flap is made of either lambskin / caviar / tweed / etc... However, reissues are made of distressed calfskin.. What else?
  4. Janeatte, if you do a search for "reissue" you will see that this question has been asked many times. It's more than just different chain and closure.

    There are different thoughts about the number of quilts across the from of the flaps. What we've decided to abide by (in the authentication thread) is that there should be two triangular quilts just above the CC closure on the front. We refer to them as "bat ears" ^^ Other than that I don't think we bother to count the quilted diamonds on the bags.
  5. ^LOL mon... I wonder who can be very nice to count all the quilted diamonds on the bags for us. :biggrin:
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the 2.55 "reissue" bag is called as such because the bag was originally designed in February of 1955, thus the 2.55. Since it was brought out of Chanel archives and once again produced and sold, it's called "reissue".

  7. Yes.:yes:
  8. Generally when talking to SA's, they usually refer to the flaps with the double cc lock as the classic flap and the reissue with mademoiselle turnlock as the 2.55.
  9. I've had SA's call the classic flap the 2.55 - so I always spend some time to clarify the details just in case.