Newbie Question About Chain and Qee

  1. I'm new to tokidoki and new here. I purchased my first tokidoki bag(s) very recently and have a few questions....

    Do most of you remove the qee from your bags before using the bags?

    Do any of you actually use the qee as a keychain? Does it hold up pretty well if you do?

    What abut the chain the tokidoki tags were on? Does it stay or go? (Tags come off of course!)

  2. Welcome! I'm a newbie Toki addict as well! Good questions. I left the chains and the qee on my bag. Which prints do you have?
  3. It depends on the bag. On the Ciao I took off everything because I didn't like it flopping around. On the bigger bags I leave the chain and sometimes the qee. Does it hold up as a keychain? Uh no. My poor qee that got used as a keychain has one leg and almost all the color scratched off. I don't recommend it.
  4. umm... well.. I sort of got addicted FAST.... and they were on sale so...

    One bag in the plain orange with the Paradiso print inside.
    One plain black with the original Tokidoki print inside.
    One plain black with the Citta print inside.
    Two bags with Citta Rose print.
    One Foresta print.
    One Pirata print.

    Can't say I'm very fond of the Paradiso print or the Inferno print... both look very much like they should be diaper bags but maybe that is because I've only seen them in a style that actually does look like a diaper bag. And given that I just may be the oldest person here, (you are NEVER to old to have fun bags!!) I don't need to be carrying what looks like a diaper bag around!

    And the Adios ... well I LOVE stars but something about this print just creeps me out.

    I'd love to find a ciao with the Playground print. VERY limited what I can find live and in person around here and I'm a little leery of buying off eBay because I read there are so many fakes.

    What prints do you have??
  5. You have a nice collection of Tokis. I see you have the older prints. Some of the prints you have I still want to get but it will have to wait. Spent too much as it is! :push: I've bought four bags just in the last couple of weeks. I've become addicted fast! Here is what I've got:

    Paradiso - Bella
    Inferno - Campeggio
    Foresta - Buon Viaggio (just got today!)
    Pirata - Gioco (Ordered yesterday and on the way)
    Amore - Gioco (Preordered)

    I'm not crazy about adios. So I won't be getting one in that print. Will you be getting the amore print?
  6. I want to play too!:yahoo:
    I have
    *original print scuola (on its way from hawaii :yahoo:)
    *citta rosa scuola
    *citta rosa canguro
    *foresta scuola
    *inferno nuvola
    *pirata buno viaggio
    *pirata ciao
    *adios ciao

    I sort of have a one bag per print rule, but I made an exception for pirates! I didn't like the cammo prints or paradiso (creepy babies!) so I don't have those. I'll probably get something in playground at some point.

    oh and about e-bay having a lot of fakes, sometimes that's true but most of us report them whenever we see them. If you ever have a question as to whether something is authentic you can post it and we can let you know. Some of us are pretty good ;)
  7. Hi Dreams!
    I am a newbie here and to the world of Toki!
    I just bought my first bag yesterday from a reputable eBay seller, so I don't have it yet... but I can't wait!
    I hemmed and hawed over the print and the style.. but I finally decided on the Buon Viaggio in Pirata!

    I know that doesn't answer your question but I just wanted to say hi from one newbie to another! :supacool:
  8. I'm trying to keep it to one bag per print limit as well. This collectible hobby is expensive as it is. Although I may make an exception for the amore print. :graucho:
  9. I have 2 pirata but I like my ciao more than my BV and I have 2 citta rosa but since they both have airplanes it's okay :p
  10. I imagine you probably get more use out of the ciao than the BV. I just received my foresta BV today. While it is not a huge tote, it isn't an everyday bag either. I will only be using that bag occasionally. My paradiso bella is my everyday purse for now.
  11. actually I just got the ciao and the BV I can use at work but I don't like the "tote-iness" of it much I guess :shrugs: even though it is functional
  12. i kept the qee and chains on my bv, gioco, and bella... but i removed them from both my denaros. one qee is tucked in my undie drawer as a back-up and i'm using one as a keychain... it does get scratched, but i take pretty good care of my keys so i hope not much else will happen to it. *lol*
  13. DREAMSOFTOKI, I just ordered a ciao black cammo playground from the seattle outlet last week. It was a great price. Don't know if that one is one you are interested in or not. They have the cammo prints there. I haven't received it yet. And, I bet I'm at least as old or older than you! And I'm carrying the paradiso because I think its precious and I also have a 1 year old I'm toting around as well! (I am an older mom!) These girls convinced me it doesn't matter your age to carry a toki bag! I agree! Who cares and I love looking at them!
  14. Is the BV just big and that's why you wouldn't use it every day?
  15. I've got citta, foresta, and inferno. Pirata I get TODAY!!!! Longest wait EVER.

    The other prints I'm not super interested in. But in the future I think I'll try for bianco, definitely need spiaggia, and possibly one more like trasporto.