newbie-question about BIN

  1. I really liked a handbag w/ a BIN price, but it also gave you the option to bid-I did not realize that when I met the reserve, the BIN would go away- I probably would have bought it at this price soon, but saw it had other bids- now the auction has 9 days to go- what should I do? Is it ok to still ask for the BIN price?
  2. You can try, some sellers will happily end it for the BIN, others won't.
  3. the difference right now is only $100 on a chanel from the BIN price- I really hate to wait nine days because 1. baby is due Dec. 31 2. there are other bags that I like that end sooner
    If they don't take it, I just have to wait? (either for another bidder or the auction to end?)
    - I know this is my fault- but why does the bin price end if you bid over the reserve?
  4. If you are the only one placed a bid on that item, I believe you can retract your bid. Thus the listing will be back its original and you can BIN then.
  5. update: I asked them to end the auction at BIN price and they did! I got my bag!chanel timeless tote
  6. That was nice of the seller! Never hurts to ask!
  7. i'm no bin expert but i believe you can chose to have the bin disappear if there are any bids or if the bids go over your reserve (i think it defaults to the former if you don't put a reserve down).

    anyway, i'm glad it worked out! it's nice to hear good news for a change!