Newbie question about bay bag

  1. hi ladies,

    i've been a member of this forum since monday and have been obsessing over the bay bags :heart: this morning i THINK i saw a bay in a GAWGEOUS shade of camel/cognac?? being carried by this lady in the elevator on the way into the office. siddled up close to her bag (she must've thought i was a freak :shame:smile: and there was the chloe tag there. however... there were two pockets in the front... instead of the usual one big zip pocket. is that a new style?? :confused1:
  2. :shrugs: ok i have no idea! i'm obviously new to chloe bags :shame: is there 2 pockets or 1 in the front? i just went back and looked at some pics and i see 2 zipper pulls?
  3. Good luck on your search for the perfect Bay! You'll find lots of support here!!!