Newbie Question about Balenciaga Hobo

  1. I have recently fallen for the Balenciaga Hobo. I went to NM today to try one on and am now hooked. Is the Hobo available in any colors other than brown, white and black? I am looking for the Hobo in ocean. The SA at NM searched the inventory for more colors but couldn't find any. She suggested I wait for the resort collection, maybe there will be a blue available. Can I go somewhere else to find the bag I'm looking for? One last question, how does Balenciaga do in the rain?

  2. Yes, the hobo comes in different colors. I just bought one in grape and am also hooked on this style. Try Saks (only some branches carry bal), Barneys, Aloha Rag and BalNY.

    As for the rain - I have carried mine in pouring rain and soaked one with a water bottle, and seriously, they only look better to me!
  3. Yes, another Hobo lover! I have one in Black GSH and I love it! They do come in lots of colors. Call around and look online and you will be able to find plenty to choose from. Good luck!