Newbie Q

  1. Hi there!

    I'm thinking about buying my first balenciaga bag but live in a) australia and b) a little village a million miles from any shops selling said bag. I've been looking at a Japanese website called diabro net that seems to be selling authentic bags. I just wondered if anyone could advise me whether they are reputable? If not, could anyone suggest a good website with international delivery???

    THANKYOU! :yes:
  2. Welcome to the purse forum LydiaT:welcome: I think there are 3 stores that sell bbags in Australia. Cult status in Perth, Belinda in Melbourne and one in Double bay (sydney). HTH
  3. Thanks!
  4. Also, have to email them for their pdf file on balenciaga bags that they have available for sale...and they email you an order form if you are interested in purchasing from them! They have WONDERFUL customer service!~ you can email Jumpei at:
  5. Thanks again to all who helped with my question... This site is addictive! I'm now thinking of getting a paddington stachel too...

    Bye for now!