Newbie Q: Lo gift value to avoid hi tax?

  1. I'm in the USA and I just listed my very first eBay auction yesterday (and yes, I'm nervous!). My starting bid is low - $629 - which includes shipping domestically and internationally via USPS Priority (I will cover a max of $60). A prospective buyer from the UK asked if I could mark the item as a gift worth 100 pounds = $194 so she won't have to pay 40% tax.

    1. Can I do this even if I'm insuring the item via USPS for $700?
    2. Is this an eBay violation?
    3. Any other concerns I should be aware of?

    Thanks so much!
  2. there are several threads on this (search for "customs" and you will find them). the bottom line is that it's a federal offense to lie on a customs form so if you're worried about breaking the law, don't do it. as for the insurance, i think it depends if you have an inattentive post officer worker -- the one time i shipped something overseas i insured it for full value but only listed the customs value as $50 and i got away with it. but if you decide to do it, you need to advise the buyer that she might still get hit with the full tax.
  3. Thank you so much!!!
  4. plus when you send overseas, the customs form and insurance form are literally right next to each other on the package so its hard to insure something for more than its declared value. This is why I won't ship overseas.