Newbie Q-how do you apply "Less is MORE" when it comes to cosmetics!?

  1. Hello again everyone! First of all, i would like to thank all of you wonderful people for giving me your valueable advice to my previous questions, and now i am back w/more Newbie Q to bother ya....:P
    I use cosmetics to enhance and balance my face, not cover up, so it's natural for me to agree with "Less is More" statement. However, with every thing all seems 'essential'(eye shadows, make up brushes, concealers, blush, mask, day/night cream, toner, moisturerizer, peels, eye cream, blotting oil powerder/sheets, liquid/loose/press powder/spray foundation, lip gloss/stick.....etc), my daily routine went from 5 min to 15, 20 minutes!:sad:
    How can i apply "less is more" when everything on the market is 'extremely important' to my face? I would like to know what items you think are absloute necessities and what are not? :confused1: I plan to give away things that are implusive purchase, and restock with the absolute necessities during X-mas as it's the best time to purchase cosmetic/skin care items.:shame: ​
  2. push push!
  3. i think it really depends on your features and skin. for example, i am very very pale, so i have to have wear blush every day or i look dead. i like wearing lipgloss/balm b/c i have a nice smile. i wear trendy black plastic glasses, so any eye makeup besides the teensiest bit of mascara is overkill. my skin is sensitive, so i usually skip a lot of "essential" tonics and treatments.

    it's a trial and error thing. try skipping one thing each day and see how you like the look...maybe only wear powder instead of powder and foundation...or only use one shade of eye shadow and mascara, skip the liner. makeup is supposed to fun! don't feel like you "need" to do anything.
  4. Use a tiny bit of everything.

    For example:
    Foundation: pour a tiny amount into your palm. Add 1/2 teaspoon or so of water. Mix and rub all over your face as you would face cream. Take a moistened makeup sponge and magnifying mirror. Look for streaks and uneven coverage. Use the sponge to smooth.

    Apply powder blush with a light hand.

    Apply lip gloss before you lightly apply lipstick.

    You get the idea.

    You may have several items in your makeup drawer. But each one will last a very long time.
  5. Great advice! Not everything is "essential," of course. The cosmetic SAs will try to convince you otherwise in order to sell more (no offense to anyone who is a cosmetics SA).

    Just use a light touch as mentioned in the other posts and blend, blend, blend. You will find in time what's essential for you and what's not.

    For me, the essentials are concealer, foundation, loose powder, eyeliner and mascara. I'm very ruddy skinned so I can skip blush most days. I do like eyeshadow but if I'm running late for work I just do eyeliner and mascara. I skip lip liner (never figured out how to put it on straight) and just use a little lipstick or gloss.
  6. Honestly, I think "less is more" is often over-emphasized. While not being overdone is important, not being underdone is equally important, especially in a professional environment.

    For work, I try never to wear less than tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, lipstick or lipgloss, and mascara on curled lashes. If I have time, I do eyeshadow and eyeliner as well. I think which makeup items are most important to you is a very individual thing, but most women over 20 need to wear at least 3-5 at a time to look somewhat groomed and professional IMO.
  7. A simple guide to skin-care and make-up...makes things so much easier according to my girl friends, ever since i shared/taught them this.

    Cleanse with a good cleanser/daily scrub (Kiehl's, Clinique, Clarins are good)
    Tone (Clarins)
    Moisturise eyes (Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream/Light Nourishing eyecream)
    Moisturise (Oil-free)
    Sunscreen/Base (Clarins UV Plus SPF40 doubles as a make-up base)
    Conceal pimples/scars/whatever marks (Dior Skinflash or YSL Touche Eclat)
    Foundation/Tinted moisturiser (Bobbi Brown is fab)
    Blusher (Dior Backstage)
    Eyes-depends on how many colours you wanna use. to keep it really simple and quick, smooth on a great colour that suits your skin tone all over the lid. Line eyes with a Kohl pencil (liquid takes loads of time, and you'll end up cleaning up and putting on more than a thousand times). And MASCARA on curled lashes.
    Lipgloss/Lippie/tinted lip balm-smooth and you're ready!

    this may seem long, but it can be done in 10minutes, FLAT.

    if you're REALLy pressed for time, just do: 3step skin care, foundation/tinted moisturizer, mascara, line eyes, blusher, lip gloss.

    EASY! ~~
  8. Experiment a bit. For example, for skin care, try just washing it and applying a bit of moisturizer that already has sunscreen.

    For makeup, take an honest look at your face. Does your complection REALLY need to be "evened out?"

    Most young women are more likely to be struggling with the traces of teen "zit" woes as opposed to broken capillaries, pigmented splotches, roughened texture due to bad sun exposure choices of decades past...

    Try using a small dab of foundation mixed with moisturizer on any real "uneven" items, as opposed to covering your entire face with foundation.

    If your honest look informs you that you do indeed have healthy, rosy cheeks, if you are fair-skinned, then rouge, or blush is not necessary.

    If you have very light colored brows and lashes, try just a hint of a light brown or taupe-colored powder on brows, applied with an angle brush, and a light coat of mascara on your lashes.

    You might find that you don't really need shadow at all - look closely at your eyes, and you might be pleasantly surprised to find that they are naturally "shadowed."

    Very glossy, natural colored lips are "in" right now, and putting any sort of balm or gloss on your lips can help protect them from sun, wind, etc, so go ahead and gloss up.

    Now take that honest look again. No matter how old we are, it is almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in that world of "must-have" substances to put on our faces, and when we are in that learning curve of what works best for us, this is doubly so!

    I think you might amaze yourself with how fresh and pretty you can look without using very many products at all!
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice! Being Asian, it's hard to find the right concealer for eyes, it's either too pink or looks like i have an eye patch on.....i gave up on the search for it already, besides i look at it as a warning indicate i should get more rest instead of rely on eye concelar. Currently i use Bare Mineral Starter Light Kit from Sephora. Neutralgena Feather weight mascara(havy formula ones drag the curl back to flat), clinque blush, clarnis eye moisture, tons of lip gloss & tinited lip blams(Chanel, CD, Blistex, Bobbi Brown, Clinque), Benefit Mr. Feelgood, and Mally's plum smoky eye kit(for evening out only), face wash, toner, and moisturizer. once a week for St. Ivey's apricot scrub, 1~2 a week for Kose facial mask.

    Lol, Vogue have a good timming! After I am done w/blush, i do my eyes and touch up w/lipgloss while warmming the car-the flip down mirror is perfect for doing my eyes! I do have red blemishes on my check, but i just dab more foundation w/brush to cover it up.

    But even with all the products i use, friends still said there are more essentials i should have because people still can't tell i have cosmetic on or not except from my blemish-gone=cosmetic, pink=bare. Grr, i hate to have my face all perfected with all the gadgets & w/different skin tone than rest of my body. Besides the more stuff i use the more i have to stuff in my small purses..(the biggest purse i have is Sonatine, than it's my backpack....:shame: )
  10. Maybelline makes a yellow concealer. You may not want just straight yellow, what I do is mix it with a bit of the Maybelline medium concealer, which is, of course, way pink. :smile:

    Max Factor, I think it is, has a line called HIP with foundation that is not as pink as most of them, sand (802) is a nice beige color. I mix it with Maybelline Age Rewind because I have a lot of age that needs rewinding, so I just put in enough of the HIP sand to take the worst of the pink out.

    Also, HIP is oil-free, which I also like.
  11. Right! Important to note.

    I don't wear make-up, and if I do, it's a few drops of foundation mixed in with my moisturizer, a slick of lip-plumper, and a little bit of cream blush on my cheeks and the tip of the nose. The Disney channel would be proud!
  12. Well I would keep everything. I mean there are going to be days where you will want to wear more makeup than other times. Makeup should reflect your mood.For everyday, If your skin can skip the foundation fine. But curl your lashes, it opens up your eyes, gives ya more of an awake bright eyed look. Mascara, and a colored gloss. If blush isnt your thing than go with an all over face color like a bronzer.
    You can take this look into the evening by, darkening the shade of gloss, or adding some color to the eye etc.
  13. I try too to maintain a natural look. however just the other day i was told I look "dead" without eye makeup from a surprising source, so I need to redo that part.
    After I cleanse before showering, I moisterize with dove, and then laura mercier tinted moisterizer on top. I am in the process of repairing my face with a derm, to get rid of stubborn zit scars and suchly, so LM is perfect for light but effective coverage. When I get that in check I want to check out stila. After that I may apply a little blush after I tap most of it off just under my cheek bones and jaw line for conteur. I fill in my eyebrows with Laura Mercier brunette powder to look groomed, and then apply their bitten gloss. I'm looking into a clear or lightly pigmented lipgloss.

    For my eyes I have three different laura mercier shadows, a gold, green, and a white starlight sparkle, I either do a combo of the gold lightly fading into green, very subtle on my tan colouring, or just the sparkle. I also have their wet dry eyeliner. But since it is taking so long for me to apply decently, I may look back into a pencil, maybe a kohl pencil. I'd like to do light smokey eyes though.