Newbie purchase

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  1. Hi there BE ladies!
    I have never purchased a BE but recently received their newsletter with the info that newbies can purchase an in-stock bag at 40% off. Well this is my chance but there is no code on the website or in the email I received. I have tried the code "newbie" at the checkout but it's not working. Does anyone know what I need to do?

    I realise it's only just after midnight in the UK, but the date on the website says it's already 27th July so I thought the special would be in effect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - I am DYING for one of these bags!!

  2. Jackie's latest tweet said "code forthcoming" so.... ????
  3. ^I thought it would be out by now. Still nothing on the website.
  4. The code "newbie" now works - I just ordered a TME in red WOO HOO!!!!
  5. Sounds like an amazing bag. Glad you got the code.
  6. What a wonderful colour! Good buy for a newbie ;)
  7. I already received an email saying it's been posted today!!! talk about great customer service. Am really looking forward to receiving it!
  8. Ooooh. I can't wait to see it. Red will be my next conquest.