Newbie... please help me look for my dream prada purse

  1. Hello to all!

    I spotted the antic cervo drawstring (style # BR3571) during my visit to NYC last year and have been kicking myself since for passing it up. I have been on the hunt for the purse in the two tone color (bianco - my first choice, or naturale) and came close to getting one yesterday only to have it snatched up by someone else. :crybaby: I've called around and no one seems to have the purse anymore. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my hands on the purse (aside from eBay which has one listed right now... though it's beginning to look good to me).

    Also, the second pic is of another purse from my dream bag list... it's in my favorite color that's why i like it. it's not on sale though and retails at $2450... but like i said .. i am getting desperate!!! I so heart them prada bags! :love:

    thanks for getting this far into my post and i will appreciate any "tips" or leads you can give me. please put me out of my misery!!!! waaah.
    Bags Sale 2008 016-sml.jpg DSC09907-sml.JPG
  2. Is the drawstring one discontinued? Its really cute!
  3. yes... it looks like the drawstring tote's gone...gone... gone. I've had prada do a nationwide search and no one has it anymore. i've called Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom (seattle store has prada), and even bluefly and everyone says pretty much the same thing, they've gone kaput. i was told they've been out for a while. isn't it beautiful??? *sniff*
  4. mona,
    i just read your web page... do you think you can help me hunt this purse down? i belive in miracles.

  5. Did you try Neiman Marcus? I was able to find the cervo drawstring tote, there at the end of December on sale. I'm sure it was a return, but maybe they could do a search for you.
  6. Well, I don't know about the drawstring, but the second one I might be able to help. I am not sure color the one in your picture is, but they've had one in ivory off and on bluefly for the past couple months. I've come so close to buying it and I've been stalking it forever, but I'm just too nervous about such light colors. I've seen it recently on there for about $1300+, which is pretty good! I've wanted the same's gorgeous, but I wanted the coffee color. Right now they have one in sand:

    [​IMG] Hope this helps!
  7. thank u kiss_p. i called neiman marcus today and they didn't have any left in stock. i did leave my info in case they had any returns. the lady said she'll do weekly inventory checks. i will not give up!

    purseinsanity... that purse is a beaut! i saw that when i was looking for the satchel (i think they had it in denim color too?) and it caught my eye (saved both of them in my wishlist)... i would so buy one if i wasn't so hung up on the bianco color. doesn't prada make such gorgeous bags? wish i could afford them all! good luck on finding your coffee color :smile:

  8. I saw that yesterday and almost posted it here myself.

    Both those bags are going to be tough to find unless they pop up on Bluefly (or the evil eBay). The drawstring style is two or three years old, though they did do the dark brown again for F/W. I've got it in the single handle, gold metallic version (LOVES!!), but those are even harder to find now.

    Whoaaa, wait a sec..... I just thought of where you might find one of the drawstring version. Be right back. ;)

    Edit note: Well, they changed the website and the password to the "secret website" but if you call Komavi at Bob Ellis Shoes in Charlotte NC (Southpark Mall), if they have either bag in inventory, Komavi will find it for you. Tell him Elaine sent you. He's gotten quite a following from tPF from my referrals. ;)
  9. Dang, I'm good! :supacool:

    It's authentic, but for what it is, the price is too high. She's got a Best Offer option on it though.

    Here's the other in black:

    Also awfully high priced for an older style, but it's authentic.
  10. Oh Prada Psycho...

    I saw that drawstring purse on ebay but wasn't sure if it was genuine... i've been duped before (seller even guaranteed purse to be authentic gucci!) so i wasn't about to take another chance. However, since you've verified its authenticity (thank you!), it's worth a second look. You're right about the steep price too... though i see she's lowered it to 1150... two days to make up my mind (if it doesn't get snatched up again). what to do .. what to do...:girlsigh:

    PS... if you don't mind, i'll try calling Komavi tomorrow... thanks again!
  11. [​IMG]Sorry! Forgot the picture!
  12. Hi gals

    Thank you for your replies. Prada Psycho, I ended up passing up on the eBay auction because I think the seller did not want to go any lower on the price. Purseinsanity, I did go to Bluefly... that purse was not exactly what I wanted but I guess I should thank you because I ended up getting a Prada gauffre wallet from Bluefly for $342, along with 2 Gucci purses. You so bad!:graucho:

    Anyway, I was one of the lucky ones to get some Prada purses from the Saks 1-minute sale (were the purses even available this long?)... I will post re: my new purchases on another thread though.

    So, thank you again for all your input. I love spending time here browsing through your pics and posts (when I should be studying!). Oh self-control where have thou gone?
  13. P.S. The drawstring tote that someone *stole" right from under my nose was because the Prada SA said they don't put purses on hold, even while I had the order form all filled out and emailed to him (but because he was off that next day, purse got sold to another). I have since read from this forum that SAs do put purses on hold- right? What bad luck!
  14. i've been looking for the drawstring bag since i saw it at saks in may 07 but havent seen it ANYWHERE since, though i look every time i'm at a store that carries prada. i'm so happy to find this thread....if anyone sees another (authentic) one or knows where i can go for one, i want one too! it haunts me...