Newbie - Overseas Shipping/Import info??

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  1. Hello! I am brand new to TPF - thank goodness I found more people like me!! Although these last few nights I have been up WAY past my bedtime checking out everyone's collections - I have to admit I regretfully had to tear myself away from the screen this morning to go to work! Does this addiction ever stop???

    Anyway, I have fallen in love with a pair of midnight blue Helmoons on eBay that I can't find anywhere else online - unfortunately they are overseas. Has anyone ever had shoes shipped overseas? I'm interested in how much it cost or if you have to pay an import tax? I really appreciate everyone's help! Thanks!:heart:
  2. Normally 30-40 bucks. No import fees. Make sure they are not fakes. Some great ladies on here that can help you.
  3. I have had customs fees but I agree ~$30.
  4. If they are sent through USPS, you probably won't get charged duties, but if it's sent through DHL or UPS, you will, depending on the amount. Not sure what the limit is.
  5. I've never paid import fees coming in from overseas. The shipping is usually pretty quick too. – about a week or so.

    Definitely smart to have them authenticated before you purchase.

    Can't wait to see your shoes!