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  1. Hey ladies , Greetings~~ At last i found an alive Coach group.We dont have any COACH store in here because im from Sarawak, Malaysia.My eldest sister will celebrating her 33th birthday on 15th oct.. I dont have any idea what should i buy for her because she is a big fan of Coach. ( she bought it from Coach store Jakarta ) and from Jakarta 2 my place need 2 take 2 hours flight.. :sad: and they are not selling a latest COACH stuff.. all kindda very yuckie.. She is a big fan of SIGNATURE tote, Lather and Man messenger MAP BAG and please give me some ideas to which tote or map man map bags and purse I should buy that match with the tote or messenger Map Bags.

    she is 33 years old.working as an Architect, Professional Home & Office Designer and a contractor. Can u people pleaseeeee help me what design that I should buy for her because im such a noob regarding to Coach brand ( I only have 1 Coach wrist let that she bought for me<pitty me> ) I want something that she can use for her work and to meet her client.

    please take a moment to read the rules of this Forum. Thanks

    Really2 need your help to aLL Coacholic.. :biggrin:

    Ps/ Im Really2 Sorry For My Bad English
  2. Hello! Welcome to tPF!!

    What a nice sister you are for buying your oldest sister Coach for her birthday. Unfortuntely, buying and selling is not allowed on tPF except in the MarketPlaza, which is by application only to members who have been been registered and active for some time. The Mods and Admins here consider any kind of transaction where money is exchanging hands to be buying and selling so this would not be allowed.

    Sorry! It's obvious that you want to do something really nice for your sister and sadly, you do not have a lot of resources for Coach in Malaysia. You may want to try eBay because there are some reputable sellers who will ship internationally.

    Good luck!

  3. as mokoni said, this sort of transaction is not permitted on the forum. sorry.
  4. This is NOIT the first time u have posted this..I warned u in the newcomers lounge that this wasnt permitted.......
Thread Status:
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